December 3, 2018

Aviat’s Proof of Concept with Bouygues Telecom Promises Automation and OPEX Savings

Aviat's Proof of Concept with Bouygues Telecom Promises Automation and OPEX Savings

The commissioning process for microwave—from integration to testing to equipment configuration to turn-up—can be lengthy and can involve multiple teams at multiple sites and get more complicated as microwave moves to include more sophisticated Layer 2 and Layer 3 capabilities. With added complexity, configuring intricate radio parameters in the field can increase labor-intensive operating procedures, increase operating costs, and unfavorably affect an operator’s return on investment and bottom line.

“This proof of concept with Aviat was very helpful to measure the benefits and the complexity of such a use-case, said Adrien d’Ussel, head of backhaul and aggregation network at Bouygues Telecom. “Seeing the results, we seriously consider expanding this configuration on our network.”

To address these issues, Bouygues Telecom and Aviat worked together for six months to automate configuration and commissioning of microwave radios, which promises to save hours per site in field installation time, decrease training requirements and associated costs for field teams, and reduce the probability of errors that can result in costly site revisits. Aviat’s solution consisted of WTM 4000 IP-SDN radio, ProVision Plus SDN controller, and a Configuration Application built on ProVision Plus, all interoperating with 3rd party orchestration and routers products.

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