Mining in the Arctic

The extreme conditions of the Arctic region present a host of challenges, and providing reliable communication is one of the most critical. The Arctic Mining Company featured in this case study faced this issue when trying to ensure safe and efficient transport of iron ore along a hazardous 100 km stretch of road between the mine and port.  

Industrial Grade Wireless

One of the most critical requirements was a reliable communication system that would operate in extreme temperatures and harsh polar environments. However, the company’s existing network was undependable, which compromised the safety of workers and hampered operations. The solution was Aviat’s Industrial Private LTE, a mission-critical network that could deliver reliable communication in the harshest Arctic conditions. .


Aviat’s Industrial Solution 

Working with the mine, Aviat designed a Private LTE network that was powered by the ruggedized RDL 6000. The solution proved to be ideal for the harsh Arctic region as it was engineered to operate effectively in extreme subzero temperatures. The RDL 6000 improved the mine’s connectivity along the hazardous road and provided workers with FlexTalk PTT (Push to Talk) on LTE handsets and mobile connectivity throughout the entire length of the road. The complete network comprised two EPC (Evolved Packet Core) cores, 28 RDL 6000 eNBs, and over 200 UEs. * Base modulation details will be shown in first page of link budget report.


Aviat’s Advantage in the Artic 

Aviat’s Private LTE solution had several advantages that made it particularly suited to the Arctic region. Its operating temperature range of -50°C to +60°C was a significant advantage as it was essential to ensure that the network remained functional in extreme temperatures. Additionally, the solution had the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO), zero-footprint deployments, scalable EPC, and a single network management system (NMS) with advanced monitoring capabilities that made it the only suitable solution for such extreme climates. 

Overall, Aviat’s Industrial Private LTE solution provided the Arctic Mining Company with reliable and mission-critical connectivity in extreme polar conditions. The solution ensured worker safety and streamlined operations, making it an ideal solution for companies operating in similarly harsh environments. 


How to buy Aviat’s Private LTE 

The RDL-6000 Private LTE solution is now available in the Aviat Store! With just a few clicks to purchase and ultra-fast shipping, we will have you deployed in no time!  

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