Aviat’s New IRU600 UHP Radio

Discover the Future of Wireless Connectivity with Aviat’s IRU 600 UHP 

Navigating through the congestion of the 6GHz band has never been more crucial, and with Aviat’s IRU 600 UHP, you’re set to make the seamless transition to the 11GHz spectrum. Our white paper offers an in-depth exploration of this groundbreaking all-indoor radio that’s expertly designed to boost capacity, enhance reliability, and significantly reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). 

In the white paper, you’ll uncover: 

The power of Aviat’s Ultra High-Power feature and its potential to unlock more capacity, extend path distances, and enable the use of smaller, cost-effective antennas. 

  • How Aviat is helping networks proactively tackle the 6GHz interference issue, ultimately leading to decreased downtime and maintenance costs. 
  • The cost-saving advantages of the IRU 600 UHP, including the ability to replace up to 84% of existing 6GHz links using the same antenna size, and up to 95% with a slightly larger antenna. 
  • The future of uninterrupted and high-performing wireless connectivity is here. Equip yourself with the knowledge to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring your network is ready to evolve with the changing wireless landscape. 


Download the White Paper now and embark on the journey towards next-generation network connectivity with Aviat’s IRU 600 UHP. 

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