Come Fly with Me: Aviat Microwave Over-the-Air at U.S. Landmarks


The Golden Gate Bridge South Tower shows the Aviat microwave radio installation directly in between the suspension cables. Photo credit: davidyuweb / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Frank Sinatra, “Old Blue Eyes,” would have been the perfect pitchman for Aviat Networks. From Los Angeles to Chicago to New York, Sinatra’s many hit songs were inspired by the big cities of America. Since the time Sinatra began his illustrious singing career, Aviat Networks (formerly Harris Microwave Communications Division) has been setting the bar high for superior performance, wireless microwave communication across the United States, from sea to shining sea.

With big cities come big landmarks. You know that enormous “HOLLYWOOD” sign on Mt. Lee in Los Angeles? Aviat is there.

And how about the panoramic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco? Yes, Aviat is there, too. Aviat Networks is “Designed, Built and Supported in the USA,” as well as proudly deployed among the most prominent and historic locales in America.

Closeup of Aviat-microwave atop the Golden Gate Bridge.

Close-up of Aviat microwave atop the Golden Gate Bridge.

You can find Aviat microwave on the side of beautiful Niagara Falls, as well as scraping the sky on the Sears Tower (now Willis Tower) in Chicago—that “toddling town.”

Right through the heart of “New York, New York,” Aviat radios are installed within the electric ambiance of Times Square and atop the soaring Empire State Building.

Even outside the urban corridors of America, Aviat is there. For example, Aviat equipment is deployed at the Hoover Dam in the Black Canyon along the Colorado River.

Aviat microwave radio at Hoover Dam in the Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.

Aviat microwave radio at Hoover Dam near Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.

You may say “so what?” Well, the beauty of it all is that while you’re taking in everything the USA has to offer in its rich collection of historic landmarks, you’ve never noticed the technology that helped shape modern telecommunications networks is operating reliably, flawlessly right at your side.

Aviat Networks continues to take flight in new locations across the globe, and we are doing it the American way!

Louis Scialabba
Manager, Solutions Marketing
Aviat Networks

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