Three Elements to IP/MPLS Success in the Microwave Access

Three Elements to IP/MPLS Success in the Microwave Access

In microwave communications—as in all electronic communications mediums—operators trend toward the latest technologies (e.g., IP/MPLS). They all have conditioning to think that newer is better. And by and large that’s right.

However, when it comes to IP/MPLS—one of the most advanced packet technologies—you need to handle this concept with care. Especially in a mixed infrastructure that includes microwave, fiber and other potential backhaul transport.

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Setup day at Mobile World Congress 2012

Working Hard on the Pavilion

So here we are again in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2012. The weather is glorious and the GSMA predicting higher levels of attendance than ever before, so it promises to be great event.

Like all the other 1000 or so exhibitors, we were working hard today to get our pavilion ready for the big opening tomorrow. Late Sunday evening the Fira de Barcelona exhibition center at Montjuic is a frenzy of activity.

This will be the last year for MWC at the current location. In 2013 the event will move to a newer, larger venue, the Fire Gran Via, just a few kilometers down the road.

For the second year Aviat will have an outdoor pavilion (CY08) located in the courtyard between halls 1, 2 and 4. We learned a lot from last year, so things are looking good.

Tune back each day this week for a post, where we will share with you what’s hot at the show.

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What to Expect from IWCE in 2012

As you know, IWCE (International Wireless Communications Expo) is just around the corner (Feb 20-24 Las Vegas) and is the premier event for government, public safety, utilities and transportation.  We are excited to be exhibiting once again at this event.

We can expect to hear about 2 key themes:

1. Public Safety migration to LTE
The introduction of LTE technology into public safety networks is happening now and represents a huge change for state/local agencies.  LTE is a brand new technology for this market and represents a new way of thinking for many folks.  LTE brings new services and applications, different network planning and design assumptions, more capacity requirements, and more IP traffic.  Understanding how to build microwave networks that best support the cost, capacity and mission critical requirements of public safety LTE will be key to building mission critical LTE data networks.  Aviat has unique solutions to solve these complex challenges.

2. Security of critical infrastructure
The current and ongoing migration of public safety networks toward IP/LTE is increasing the opportunities and motivations malicious activity. As the amount of critical data rises in the broadband public safety network, security has become of greater concern.  This will be a key topic at the show.  Again, Aviat has a unique strong security solution which we’ll be talking extensively about at IWCE.  In fact, in addition to the exhibition, we will be speaking on a panel at the IWCE show regarding cyber threats to the public safety network infrastructure on February 23rd at 3:30 – 4:45pm which we would like to invite you to attend.

Please check back after the show for an update on how things went!!

Gary Croke
Product Marketing
Aviat Networks

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CTO Insights from Mobile World Congress 2011

Aviat Networks SVP and CTO, Paul Kennard, shares technology trends and insights from Mobile World Congress 2011.

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