Aviat @ AfricaCom 2011

Aviat @ AfricaCom 2011

This week Aviat Networks exhibited at the AfricaCom tradeshow in Cape Town, South Africa. It was good to see the registered attendance was up 20% from last year, totaling 6,450 registrants from over 1,500 different companies. This year’s show focused on the evolution of the whole telecom, media, and ICT ecosystem. New topics included innovation, social media, cloud computing, and mobile health.

At our stand we showcased:

  • Eclipse IDU GE3 Compact Carrier Ethernet Indoor Radio Unit for the network edge
  • Aviat ODU600 next generation universal outdoor radio unit
  • Aviat WTM 3000 advanced all-outdoor, all-IP radio

Interactive 3D models of the products can be found here.

Aviat Networks

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Backhaul for the Mobile Broadband or Wireless Broadband Network

iPad con dock y teclado inalámbrico

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As 2G and 3G networks enter the upgrade path to 4G wireless, it will require that more than the base stations receive new wireless solutions. The path to LTE wireless—odds-on favorite to be the dominant 4G technology—is paved with increasing data demand from smartphones, iPads, other tablet PCs, electronic readers and probably some other intelligent mobile computing devices yet to be imagined.

All these devices will place throughput demands on the base stations, which in turn will place greater demands on the mobile backhaul network. Even as 4G devices place demands on mobile backhaul, the 2G and 3G technologies will be in place for sometime, coexisting in the same networks with 4G. In these situations, IP/Ethernet will be the next-generation networks‘ transport technology of choice.

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