Aviat Networks is the leading and most trusted provider of wireless transport solutions for utility and energy companies globally.

Microwave transport solutions for utilities applications

  • Mobile workforce
  • HD video & security
  • Teleprotection
  • Distribution automation

Proven partner to utilities

100+ long standing utility customers such as Ameren, URS, Basin Electric, East Coast Utility…


Did you know

11 of the top 25 utilities in the USA use Aviat Microwave

With the evolution of new spectrum, IoT automation and secure communications, private wireless could be 2 times bigger than commercial wireless.

Aviat takes your private LTE everywhere
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High power split mount radio

» Learn about our ODU 600

High power all-indoor radios

» Learn about our IRU 600

Reliable solutions

Aviat has the trusted, reliable solutions required for your critical applications.

With over 2 billion in-service operating hours, Aviat’s line of high-performance, high power microwave and millimeter wave radios are proven dependable for applications that just need to work.

Utilities migrating to Carrier Ethernet and IP/MPLS

Hybrid radios enable utilities to carry critical low-latency applications while seamlessly migrating to Carrier Ethernet and IP/MPLS services at the same time – all over a single microwave infrastructure.

Hybrid radios are the most trusted wireless transport solution for utility networks today.

Security — a must

Security is a must for utilities and securing the wireless transport network is a critical part of end-to-end security solutions. Aviat’s line of FIPS 140-2 radio solutions ensures your network is always secure.

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Aviat Strong Security

AviatCare — turnkey services portfolio

Aviat provides the turnkey services portfolio to take care of all aspects of your microwave network. Your network will be well designed up-front and will continue to operate with exceptional performance and reliability.

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We take care of you

Our technical assistance center is staffed with world class support engineers to look after your every need – from the simplest question to complex issues like IP/MPLS and microwave integration or challenging microwave paths. We take customer support very seriously and it shows.

ProVision Plus Datasheet Data sheet: ProVision Plus Datasheet
ProVision Plus is Aviat’s next generation management and application platform, designed from the ground up to minimize the total cost of ownership and maximize the intelligence and flexibility of modern complex microwave networks. ProVision Plus is designed to be open and programmable with custom built applications to automate the microwave lifecycle.

Capacity Planning for Utilities White Paper White paper: Capacity Planning for Utilities White Paper
This paper describes capacity drivers for next generation utility networks and delves into detail about how to design these networks to meet the capacity need without sacrificing reliability or increasing cost. In the first part of this white paper, we will examine each of these services and its capacity contributions and then in the second part, explore how the combination of these services affect the network backhaul design. Separately we will do an analysis of a typical network and how to dimension the network capacity to be able to adequately handle these services and some factor of future growth.

What NERC/CIP Means for Your Microwave White paper: What NERC/CIP Means for Your Microwave
Cyber Security and Electric Utility Communications

Utilities - facts

Deployed by

350 +

utility & energy customers globally

Shipped to

60 +

countries worldwide

More than

50 %

of largest U.S. utilities run Aviat

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