Breakthrough transmit power performance for mission critical networks

Aviat’s radios are the highest power radios in the industry with up to 5x more transmit power than previously available solutions.

Benefits of high power radios

  • Smaller antennas
  • Longer paths
  • Higher availability
  • Higher throughput
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Aviat’s portfolio of high power radios

Aviat leads the industry in output power and system gain. We pride ourselves on being the standard bearer for powerful, highly reliable microwave radios.

High power split mount radio

» Learn about our ODU 600

High power all-indoor radios

» Learn about our IRU 600

The smaller the antenna, the lower the TCO

Perhaps the most important reason to use high power radios is to reduce your antenna sizes.

Up to 70% of the 5 year microwave total cost of ownership (TCO) is related to antenna and tower costs.

To find out how to reduce your overall TCO, read our white paper:

Using smaller antennas with EHP radios

If you are interested in learning more about coordination and other aspects of deploying high power radios, read this paper to understand some of the common challenges and how to address them:

39 dBm EHP microwave radios – Key benefits and perceived myths

What analysts have to say about our high power solution

Richard Webb

Senior Directing Analyst, Infonetics

According to our research, for two years in a row, reliability is the No. 1 customer criteria for choosing a microwave vendor. High transmit power means more reliable microwave links; it is perhaps the most critical factor in enabling higher microwave network uptime. With this product, Aviat leads the industry in transmit power.

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