5G is now a reality for an increasing number of operators around the world, and for others it is coming soon. The key is to be prepared for the huge additional demands that this new technology will place on your transport network.

Our wireless solutions are designed to meet the demands of 5G:

  • Multi-Gigabit capacity links, with software scalability up to 10 Gbps and above
  • Lowest latency for critical delay sensitive services and applications
  • Lowest TCO – our solutions are all optimized to minimize your year over year costs, including spectrum fees, tower lease costs, power consumption and maintenance
  • Optimizing your network for peak performance, such as ensuring your links are running at their intended capacity and availability, minimizing and eliminating interference, reducing downtime to an absolute minimum
  • Integrated networking and SDN
  • Simplified ordering, capacity upgrades and logistics, with online ordering and minimized inventory needs.

Network Modernization

For many other operators 5G is not a reality today, or even in the next few years. For these operators there often a different set of priorities. Aviat’s solutions provide all the tools that you need to modernize your network:

  • Network expansion and densification
  • Add/expand network capacity
  • Enable new services
  • Replacing aging equipment at the end of its operational life and lacking advanced features
  • IP-ification – upgrade legacy Carrier Ethernet and/or E1/STM1 infrastructure and deploy IP/MPLS to the edge
  • Improving network manageability, reliability and operational efficiency
  • Network upgrades with a minimum of disruption and cost

Aviat’s solutions keep pace with 5G demands


Aviat solutions provide the capacity evolution needed to keep pace with 5G demands. Our products support extreme frequency efficiency, seamless channel and band width aggregation, and our Multi-Band solutions are second to none, supporting up to 10 Gbps over link distances up to 10 km.

Integrated microwave routers to deliver new IP/MPLS-based services

CTR integrates an indoor microwave modem unit and a cell site router into a single solution, simplifying IP/MPLS deployments and creating a better performing network. Integrated Microwave Routers enable operators to deliver new IP/MPLS-based services directly from a single converged transport network infrastructure.

Higher System Gain to Lower Tower TCO

Higher transmit power, better receiver sensitivity, and unique Aviat A2C+ feature combined to deliver higher system gain to reduce antenna sizes and lower tower lease costs and TCO.

Network Architecture Options

Aviat provides a toolkit of architecture options to meet your specific needs:

  • IRU 600 – the highest power all-indoor radio available on the market today
  • ODU 600 – high performance for split-mount applications, in a compact and lightweight outdoor
  • WTM 4000 – single 5 to 80 GHz platform, dual transceiver, all-outdoor radio
  • WTM 4800 – the only dual-transceiver E-band and Multi-Band solution for highest capacity and low TCO
  • STR 4500 – compact split-mount trunking, with minimized footprint due to unique Dual Channel, integrated Space Diversity (DC-SD) design.

Automation and Optimization to simplify your life

In the AviatCloud, there are innovative new tools to automate the microwave lifecycle and remove the hassle of managing siloed networks. Your network will just run better, with more uptime, higher capacity and fewer maintenance interventions.

Aviat Expert Services

Aviat services portfolio will ensure your mobile network is well designed upfront and continues to operate with exceptional performance and reliability.

We take care of you. Our technical assistance center is staffed with world class support engineers to look after your every need – from the simplest question to complex issues, like IP/MPLS and microwave integration, or challenging microwave paths. We take customer support very seriously and it shows.

Aviat services portfolio will ensure your mobile network is well designed upfront and continues to operate with exceptional performance and reliability

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