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Aviat Networks offers industry-leading maintenance and support services focused on optimizing the investments you have made in your network infrastructure. Choose the options that best fit your specific support requirements.

Extended Warranty

Aviat Networks Extended Warranty

We offer the opportunity for customers to extend our standard warranty with the continuous protection coverage. It ensures that your Aviat equipment will be repaired without delay – and without the need to write repair purchase orders. As with all Aviat support packages, you will also receive priority access to our technical support teams.

Warranty Plus

Aviat Networks Warranty Plus

If you would like an enhanced support plan, we offer Warranty Plus. It includes expedited product repairs, priority 24×7 technical support, software support and downloads, advance replacement, and repair logistics beyond the standard warranty. It’s a value-added package at a competitive price to ensure the effectiveness of your Aviat network investment.

ProVision Support

Aviat Networks ProVision Support

When you purchase ProVision Support for ProVision Plus, our premier network management platform, you’ll have immediate access to technical support and the latest software updates (maintenance releases) or upgrades (next main release). You’ll be able to take advantage of our enhancements to the platform without delay.

License Keys Management

Aviat Networks License Keys Management

A software key management system is critical for any business that uses a variety of software tools for everyday operations. We can handle that management for you on an ongoing basis, tracking your Aviat license keys, ensuring they are always current, reinstalling keys should that become necessary, and managing other details related to the various Aviat software you hold.

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Additional contact details for TAC Support

North America & Latin America

San Antonio, TX, USA
Phone: +1 (210) 526-6345
Toll-Free (USA): 1-800-227-8332
support@rdlcom.com(For products formerly sold under Redline)


Motnica 9, 1236 Trzin, Slovenia
support@rdlcom.com(For products formerly sold under Redline)


Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines, 2023
support@rdlcom.com(For products formerly sold under Redline)


Why outsource services?

Managing the complexity of today’s network infrastructures is pressure-filled. Network operators are tasked to do more with fewer resources, and are constantly juggling priorities and budgets. That’s where outsourcing can help. Here’s how.

First: financial. It’s less expensive to procure capabilities, such as 24/7 network monitoring, than to grow them internally.

Next: expertise. While cost is important, specialized knowledge and experience can protect your data and your infrastructure from downtime and external threats.

Third: geographic – resources when and where you need them – particularly important when modernizing or expanding a network, or troubleshooting issues.

Finally: reduces exposure to operational risk – enables network managers to focus on keeping the network ahead of business demands, not day-to-day wireless transport infrastructure management.

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