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Aviat offers a wide range of project-based services to help you manage your network for optimal performance and reliability while improving operational efficiency.

Design & Engineering

Aviat Network Design & Engineering for microwave network operators

Designing a network in today’s multi-vendor, multi-protocol environment requires skilled, experienced resources capable of completing the full breadth of planning and system-level integration activities. We relieve this burden with detailed network-wide system engineering services to meet your objectives.

Site & Path Surveys

Aviat Network Site & Path Surveys for microwave network operators

Site and path surveys are a critical first step to identify coverage gaps in your wireless infrastructure and obtain a complete “picture” of your network. Aviat experts will work closely with you to understand your requirements and provide a plan specific to your criteria.

Assembly & Integration

Aviat Network Factory Assembly & Integration for microwave network operators

Rapid installation and a quality turn-up of equipment for your network are key metrics that drive fast time-to-value. We tailor our assembly, integration, and testing services to meet your deployment needs, reduce the time to production traffic, and fast-track your revenue stream.

Project Management

Aviat Network Program & Project Management for microwave network operators

When you choose Aviat to provide services, you are involving experts in microwave and IP networks. Our project management teams define and prioritize goals, establish custom reporting processes, and manage those involved to guide projects to successful completion. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that your project plan proceeds smoothly and efficiently.

Install & Commission

Aviat Network Installation & Commissioning for microwave network operators

Our Global Services team has successfully implemented advanced network solutions around the world with local personnel who understand your unique governmental, environmental, and regulatory challenges. Whether we are installing a single hop or upgrading your wireless infrastructure, we deliver what you need at every stage of deployment.


Why outsource services?

Managing the complexity of today’s network infrastructures is pressure-filled. Network operators are tasked to do more with fewer resources, and are constantly juggling priorities and budgets. That’s where outsourcing can help. Here’s how.

First: financial. It’s less expensive to procure capabilities, such as 24/7 network monitoring, than to grow them internally.

Next: expertise. While cost is important, specialized knowledge and experience can protect your data and your infrastructure from downtime and external threats.

Third: geographic – resources when and where you need them – particularly important when modernizing or expanding a network, or troubleshooting issues.

Finally: reduces exposure to operational risk – enables network managers to focus on keeping the network ahead of business demands, not day-to-day wireless transport infrastructure management.

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