TRuepoint™ PDH, SONET/SDH, Ethernet Installation, Operation and Maintenance

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The Aviat Networks TRN-TR5 course is the TRuepoint 5000 Installation, Operation and Maintenance course. It teaches students key functions of the TR5 radio platform. The course includes an overview of key digital microwave concepts (including modulation), SONET/SDH and Ethernet concepts and multiplexer topics. It includes extensive hands-on labs (nearly 50% of the course duration) and case studies that offer students with scenarios they will face in real deployments in their networks.

Courses are conducted by AVIAT expert trainers in a mentoring environment backed by their deep technology expertise and experience in implementation of microwave wireless and IP networks.

The TR5 Installation, Operation and Maintenance course is conducted at Aviat Training locations or can be arranged at customer sites.

Upon successfully completing this course, participants will be able to perform: ƒ

  • Perform provisioning, operation and maintenance of the TRuepoint PDH, SONET / SDH, Ethernet Radio.
  • Basic digital Microwave knowledge ƒ
  • Basic modulation knowledge ƒ
  • Basic SONET/SDH knowledge ƒ
  • Basic Multiplexer knowledge ƒ
  • Basic Network Management knowledge (SNMP)

Each student must bring an IBM compatible laptop PC or an equivalent and have administrator rights on the PC.

  • The PC must have minimum parameters of:Pentium 4 or later w/ 1GB of RAM and 250 Mb of free hard drive space
  • USB Port
  • Ethernet 10Base-T LAN port with RJ-45 connector for local Ethernet connection
  • 800×600 resolution, 256 color display (16-bit color)
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7
  • TCP/IP installed and configured for LAN operation
  • Web browser (Google Chrome recommended)

Course outline

  • Introduction
    • Applications
    • Capacity
    • Features and Advantages ƒ
  • System Configurations ƒ
  • Theory of Operation
    • Signal Processing Unit (Indoor Unit)
    • Radio Frequency Unit (Outdoor)
    • Radio Frequency Unit (Indoor)
  • Individual Field Replaceable Units
    • Lay out
    • Description
    • Signal Flow ƒ
  • Operator Control and Management Tools
    • Keypad (VT-100)
    • Web Craft Interface Tool
  • Software download and up-grade ƒ
  • Maintenance Lab ƒ
  • Trouble Clearing Lab ƒ
  • Operation Discussion ƒ
  • Operational Lab ƒ
  • Customer Service Info
  • Troubleshooting Overview ƒ
  • Troubleshooting Lab

Customer site equipment requirements for on-site classes

One equipment rack with 48VDC power supply (if using 48VDC PoE units).

At least 1 Traffic free hop – 2 radios talking to each other. (Path has been simulated with at least 60dB of attenuation, for troubleshooting training variable attenuators are preferred however not mandatory).

Radio links can be hired for duration of training course if required.

  • Digital multimeter.
  • Ethernet tester (Applicable only for Ethernet configuration Training).


  • Sufficient in size to handle all participants, instructor, desks, chairs, classroom equipment. The room must have enough 110 AC (220) AC power and air conditioning to operate equipment, all students clients PC’s and the server or radio as required.

Classroom equipment:

  • Marker board, SVGA or Overhead projector and screen.

Desk and chairs:

  • Desks or workstations with enough room for each student to write have open books, client PC and / or , keyboard and monitor.

Internet access:

  • Internet access through the sever or through client PC

Download description

Course description (PDF)

Pricing & scheduling

Please contact your Aviat local sales team for a quote or email

Course specifics

  • Duration: 3-day
  • Capacity: 10
  • Materials provided:
    • Instruction and user Manuals (USB)
    • Student Handbook (e-Book)
    • Datasheets (USB)

Target audience

The Course is intended for anyone requiring basic theory, maintenance and hands on experience of the
TRuepoint 5000 radio platform including the Craft interface tool.

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