Introduction to System Design for IP/Ethernet Backhaul

Overview: Microwave Networking in the RAN

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the most common network elements, protocols, and technologies which are incorporated in a packet microwave system.
  • Basic microwave principles and job experience
  • Basic IP/Ethernet concepts

Course outline

  • General Introduction
  • Network design guidelines
  • Digital communication systems
  • MPLS and Pseudo Wire overview
  • Carrier Ethernet overview
  • IP/Ethernet backhaul technologies
  • LTE review
  • IP transport over Ethernet radios
  • Performance objectives
  • Ethernet radio applications
  • Link aggregation
  • Ethernet/TDM ring protection
  • Packet network synchronization
  • Backhaul evolution
  • ITU-R system availability
  • Definitions
  • Relative Effectiveness
  • Diversity arrangements
  • Ring Protection
  • Errorless switching
  • Network Management
  • Antenna and Transmission line S.D.
  • Path alignment, testing, and troubleshooting

Download description

Course description (PDF)

Pricing & scheduling

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Course specifics

  • Duration: 5-day
  • Capacity: 10
  • Materials provided:
    • e-Book

Target audience

The course is intended for Network Engineers requiring knowledge in microwave networking.

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