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Aviat HAS (Health Assurance Software) is a critical cloud-based software tool that simplifies the complexity of link management and troubleshooting, it greatly improves microwave network reliability and performance, and lowers OPEX.

The HAS Configuration and Management course provides full guidance on the configuration, use and administration of the Health Assurance Software.

The course will cover in detail all aspects of using HAS for configuration management, performance monitoring and reporting.

Courses are conducted by AVIAT expert trainers in a mentoring environment backed by their deep technology expertise and experience in implementation of microwave wireless and IP networks.

The HAS training course will be conducted at Aviat Training locations or can be arranged at customer sites.

For HAS standalone training; can be provided only in E-Learning format or in VILT session.

  1. Participants must complete the ProVision Plus course.
  2. Participants should have knowledge and experience in the areas of network operations fundamentals and telecommunications fundamentals.
  3. Each student must bring a laptop PC or an equivalent and have administrator rights on the PC.

The PC must have minimum parameters of:

  • Pentium 4 or later w/ 1GB of RAM and 250 MB of free hard drive space.
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 or Windows 10.
  • USB Port.
  • Network adaptor port (LAN port).
  • DB9 serial port connection or adapter (optional).

Upon successfully completing this course, participants will be able to perform:

  • Understand key concepts in Aviat’s ProVision Plus HAS option
  • Configure the HAS system for network monitoring
  • Monitor and troubleshoot network interferences

Course outline

  • Description
  • Overview
  • Licensing
  • Configuration Requirements
  • System Configuration
  • Configuration Requirements
  • System Configuration
  • Interface Configuration
  • Dashboard Summary
  • Radio Link Health Trends
  • Introduction
  • Access to Health Assurance Topology
  • Smart Panel Widgets

Additional information

Class option numberClass option nameDetails
TRN-HAS-CM-EHAS: Configuration and ManagementE-Learning / per student
TRN-HAS-CM-VILT-AHAS: Configuration and ManagementVirtual Instructor Led (VILT) / Open Enrollment / Per Student
TRN-HAS-CM-VILT-BHAS: Configuration and ManagementVirtual Instructor Led (VILT) / 10 Students Max

Radio: Access to the customer network

Other equipment: n/a

Classroom setup: n/a

Download description

Health Assurance Software (HAS)

Course description (PDF)

Pricing & scheduling

Please contact your Aviat local sales team for a quote or email

Course specifics

  • Duration: ~4 hours VILT / 1 hour E-Learning
  • Capacity: 10
  • Location(s) for open enrolment:
    • Virtual Instructor Led Training ( VILT)
  • Materials provided:
    • Student Handbook (USB flash drive)
    • Instruction Manual (USB flash drive)

Target audience

This course is intended for Network Operations Center (NOC) operators and engineers involved in managing microwave networks.

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