CTR 8740 L2 E-Learning Library

Microwave Routers

The CTR 8740 E-Learning Library is our collection of E-Learning Modules that provide students with an overview of the basic features, equipment configuration, and functionality for the Aviat CTR 8740 Transport Router.

Upon successfully completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the different network elements which are incorporated in the CTR 8740 Transport Router
  • Understand Installation Best Practices for the CTR 8740
  • Understand Radio Link Configuration and Monitoring for the CTR 8740
  • Understand the Basic Layer 2 Features of the CTR 8740 microwave radio
  • No technical knowledge prerequisites are needed.
  • PC with Internet access, Internet browser software, access and subscription to AviatCare LMS.

Learning Path Content*

  • CTR 8740: System Overview – ELearning
  • CTR 8740: Basic Access and Management – Elearning
  • CTR 8740: VLAN Configuration – Elearning
  • CTR 8740: L1LA Configuration – Elearning
  • CTR 8740: LACP Configuration – Elearning
  • CTR 8740: Q-in-Q Configuration – Elearning

Download description

CTR 8740 L2 E-Learning Library

Course description (PDF)

Pricing & scheduling

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Course specifics

  • Duration: Self-paced e-learning

Target audience

This course is intended for individuals requiring foundational knowledge of the CTR 8740 Microwave

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