Configuring CTR 8740 IP/Layer 3 Features

Microwave Routers

The Aviat Networks Configuring CTR 8740 IP/LAYER 3 features course is recommended for design, field and operations personnel, who design, deploy, configure and operate IP networking equipment involving advanced routing protocols in Layer 3. This two (2 ) day instructor-led course is focused on configuration of IP/Layer 3 features on the CTR 8740 platform. Topics include configuration and use ofOSPF and BGP.

The course content is enriched with hands-on labs (nearly 50% of the course duration) and case studies that offer students scenarios they will face in real deployments in their networks.

Courses are conducted by AVIAT expert trainers in a mentoring environment backed by their deep technology expertise and experience in implementation of microwave wireless and IP/Layer 3 networks. The course is conducted at Aviat Training locations or can be arranged at customer sites.

Upon successfully completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand core routing concepts involving advanced protocols such as BGP and OSPF configuration on the CTR 8740 platform
  1. Aviat CTR 8740 Installation, Operation, and Maintenance course that provides knowledge of the setup, trouble shooting and operation of CTR platforms including configuration of Carrier Ethernet (Layer 2), QoS, and Microwave features.
  2. Aviat Basic Networking and IP Routing course or have completed equivalent study on other vendor platforms, sufficient enough to demonstrate knowledge of Basic Networking including VLANs, Switching and IP Routing Protocols.

Course outline

  • Understand routing protocols
  • Autonomous system (AS)
  • Intra AS
    • OSPF / IS-IS
  • Inter AS
    • BGP
  • System Overview
  • CLI and Web Browser GUI
  • Management Port configuration
  • IP Interface Configuration
  • Static Routes
  • Basic Setup Lab

Understand the OSPF routing protocol:

  • Single-area OSPF
  • Multi-area OSPF
  • Multi-area OSPF with stub network
  • OSPF configuration Labs

Understand BGP routing protocols

  • Internal and External BGP
  • BGP peers
  • BGP attributes
  • BGP route selection
  • BGP states
  • BGP configuration Labs

Additional information

Radio: Not applicable
Other equipment: Not applicable

Sufficient in size to handle all participants, instructor, desks, chairs, classroom equipment. The room must have enough 110 AC (220) AC power and air conditioning to operate equipment, all students clients PC’s and the server or radio as required.

Classroom Equipment

  • Marker board, SVGA or Overhead projector and screen.

Desk and Chairs

  • Desks or workstations with enough room for each student to write have open books, client PC and / or, keyboard and monitor.

Internet Access

  • Internet access through the server or through client PC.

Each student must have a laptop with administrative rights to install and run IP networking simulation software

Download description

Configuring CTR 8740 IP/Layer 3 Features

Course description (PDF)

Pricing & scheduling

Please contact your Aviat local sales team for a quote or email

  • TRN-CTR8740-CML3-A:
    CTR 8740: Configuration and Maintenance, Layer 3 - ILT, 2 DAYS, Aviat Training Center - Open Enrollment -per Studen
  • TRN-CTR8740-CML3-B:
    CTR 8740: Configuration and Maintenance, Layer 3 - ILT, 2 DAYS, Aviat Training Center- 10 Students Max
  • TRN-CTR8740-CML3-C:
    CTR 8740: Configuration and Maintenance, Layer 3 - ILT, 2 DAYS, customer Location- 10 Students Max
  • TRN-CTR8740-CML3-D:
    CTR 8740: Configuration and Maintenance, Layer 3 - ILT, 2 DAYS,, Customer Location-with Equipment- only for US- 10 Students Max

Course specifics

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Capacity: 10
  • Materials provided:
    • Student Handbook (e-Book)

Target audience

This course is intended for engineers requiring knowledge of how to configure IP routing and Layer 3 features on the CTR 8740 platform.

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