FlexTalk PTT Overview and Basic Configuration

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The RCSA-FLXTK course consists of 3 modules focusing on basic overview and configuration of Aviat FlexTalk PTT solution. The course content is aligned with the training objectives and learning needs of Level-1 support groups, technicians, and mission critical communication field personnel.

Courses are conducted by AVIAT expert trainers in a mentoring environment backed by their deep technology expertise and experience in implementation of microwave wireless and IP/MPLS networks.

The course is conducted at Aviat Training locations or can be arranged at customer sites.

Upon successfully completing this course, trainees shall understand and acquire basic hands-on knowledge of the following:

  • FlexTalk PTT core building blocks and overview
  • FlexTalk Server deployment options and call flows
  • FlexTalk Server and License management
  • FlexTalk PTT Operational Functions
  • Use of External Network and gateways in FlexTalk deployments
  • FlexTalk PTT Subscriber Functions
  • Managing users within an organization using the concept of Departments and sub-departments
  • Managing user attributes and capabilities through Templates and Key features definitions
  • Managing user tracking and location services
  • Single and bulk user management within the FlexCore Serve system
  • FlexTalk PTT Client APPs installation
  • Client configuration, registration and activation
  • Creating and configuring 1-to-1 and 1-to-may calls and floor control attributes
  • Setting up templates and assigning them to users
  • Reviewing options for FlexTalk PTT to LMR integration using RoIP
  • Trainees in this course shall be required to install the FlexTalk Application (iOS or Android) and FlexTalk PC client in order to carry out the hands-on exercises in the course.
  • Trainees must have a basic working knowledge of the LMR and PTT Systems.

Course outline

This module covers a high-level overview of the public safety networks and PTT as the one of the primary services for the Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) organization. Major topics covered in this module at an overview level include:

The need for and requirement of mission critical communication (MCC) in PPDR and public safety, utilities, intelligent transport, different type of the land mobile radio (LMR) systems and P25/DMR/Tetra standards

The building block of the public safety network (PSN), push to talk (PTT) flavors and evolution, LMR PTT vs. broadband PTT as an over the top (OTT) service, PTT categories, conventional, trunked and OTT systems, PoC and PTT as an OTT service on 3G/4G/5G transport platforms, FlexTalk PTT and its key advantages and performance parameters as an OTT broadband PTT services.

This module covers in detail the operation, configuration, and provisioning of the Aviat FlexTalk as an OTT broadband PTT solution. Topics covered with hands-on lab work in this module include:

  • FlexTalk core services, features and attributes,
  • FlexTalk deployment examples, Server management and call flows, Server dimensioning and scaling,
  • FlexTalk license management and license parameters,
  • FlexTalk Server hosting options, customer hosting vs. cloud hosting cons and pros,
  • FlexTalk FQDN setup, configuration and use to access the FlexTalk portal, signaling and traffic call flows in customer-hosted and cloud-hosted FlexTalk deployments, provisioning options and requirements in FlexCore deployments, FlexTalk as a PTTaaS deployment, accounts and customer management within the FlexTalk server and portal, FlexTalk PTT Operational Functions, configuring departments, departmental associations, groups, users, groups talks, feature keys, templates, configuring client settings, geolocation and tracking of users, PC client and handset configuration.

This module consists of 12 exercises dealing with practical aspect of the FlexTalk operation, configuration and client services setup. The number of exercises done when the course is offered online depends on time availability and is decided after a review with the trainees.

Required equipment for training sessions at customer sites

Not applicable

Not applicable

Sufficient in size to handle all participants, instructor, desks, chairs, classroom equipment. The room must have enough 110 AC (220) AC power and air conditioning to operate equipment, all student’s client’s PCs and the server or radio as required.

This course can be in-class instructor led with basic hands-on work or an online Webinar with no hands-on.

Classroom Equipment

  • Marker board, SVGA or Overhead projector and screen.

Desk and Chairs

  • Desks or workstations with enough room for each student to write have open books, client PC and / or, keyboard and monitor.

Internet Access

  • Internet access through the server or through client PC.

Download description

FlexTalk PTT Overview and Basic Configuration

Course description (PDF)

Pricing & scheduling

Please contact your Aviat local sales team for a quote or email

Course specifics

  • Duration: 1-day
  • Capacity: 10
  • Materials provided:
    • Student Handbook (e-Book)

Target audience

This course is intended for Level-1 support groups and technicians.

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