Course numberCourse nameDescription
TRN-ACI-RECERTIF-XAviat Networks Recertification Exam View
TRN-ACI-TRACK-XAviat Certified Installer - ACI Certification- View
TRN-ACOS-01Aviat Certified Operate Specialist Certification (ACOS) View
TRN-ANA-TRACK-XAviat Network Associate Certification View
TRN-ANA-TRACK-X & TRN-ACI-TRACK-XAviat Certified Installer & Network Associate Certification Bundle View
Course numberCourse nameDescription
TRN-GP-CTR8583PV-ACTR8500/8300 & ProVision View
TRN-GP-CTR85L3MPLS-ACTR 8540 LAYER 3/MPLS: Configuration, Operation & Maintenance View
TRN-GP-ECLADVECL-AEclipse & Eclipse advanced features View
TRN-GP-ECLPV-AEclipse & ProVision View
TRN-GP-WTMPVP-AWTM 4000 & ProVision Plus View
Course numberCourse nameDescription
TRN-IBP-AInstallation Best Practices View
TRN-IBP-EAviat Installation Best Practices: Procedures for Digital Microwave links View
TRN-MICROWAVE-EBasic Microwave Theory View
TRN-NETWORK-IP-ABasic Networking and IP Routing View
Course numberCourse nameDescription
TRN-MICROWAVE-AIntroduction to Basic Microwave and Transmission Engineering View
TRN-PCR-AMicrowave Link Troubleshooting using PCR Tool View
Course numberCourse nameDescription
TRN-WTM4K-ADVCFG-AWTM 4000 Advanced Features Course View
TRN-WTM4K-IOM-AWTM 4000 Installation, Operation and Maintenance View
TRN-WTM4K-LIB-EWTM 4000 E-Learning Library View
TRN-WTM4K-VILT-AWTM 4000 Installation, Operation and Maintenance VILT Course View
Course numberCourse nameDescription
TRN-CTR8540-ADVCFG-ACTR 8540 Configuring, Operation and MaintenanceAdvance Features View
TRN-CTR8540-CML3-ACTR 8540 Configuring IP/Layer 3 features View
TRN-CTR8540-MPLS-ACTR 8540 Configuring IP/MPLS features View
TRN-CTR8583-IOML2-ACTR8500/8300 Installation, Operation and Maintenance (CE/Layer 2) View
TRN-CTR8583-LIB-ECTR 8583 L2 E-Learning Library View
TRN-CTR8583-VILT-ACTR 8583 L2 Installation, Operation and Maintenance VILT Course View
TRN-CTR8740-CML3 A/B/C/DConfiguring CTR 8740 IP/Layer 3 Features View
TRN-CTR8740-IOML2-ACTR8740 Installation, Operation and Maintenance View
TRN-CTR8740-LIB-ECTR 8740 L2 E-Learning Library View
TRN-CTR8740-VILT-ACTR 8740 Installation, Operation and Maintenance View
Course numberCourse nameDescription
TRN-ECL-ADV-L2-AAdvanced Eclipse Features View
TRN-ECL-ADVCG-L2-VILT-AAdvanced Eclipse Features VILT Course View
TRN-ECL-IOM-AEclipse Installation, Operations & Maintenance View
TRN-ECLIPSE-VILT-AEclipse Installation, Operations & Maintenance VILT Course View
Course numberCourse nameDescription
TRN-STR4500-IOM-ASTR 4500 & CTR 8740 Installation, Operation and Maintenance View
Course numberCourse nameDescription
TRN-TEL-LTEBWA Systems Technology Overview View
TRN-TEL-VFRDL Systems Technology Foundation View
Course numberCourse nameDescription
TRN-CVIEW-ICMClearview Overview and Operation View
TRN-CVIEW-ICMClearview Operation, Installation and Maintenance View
TRN-FLXER-BASICFlexCore EPC Overview and Basic Configuration View
TRN-FLXER-ICMFlexCore EPC Overview, Operation and Configuration View
TRN-GP-RD-3CV-ICMRDL 3000 + Clearview Certification Program View
TRN-RDL-3K-ICMRDL 3000 Installation, Commisioning and Maintenance View
TRN-RDL-6K-ICMRDL 6000 Operation, Configuration, Installation View
Course numberCourse nameDescription
TRN-PROV-LIB-EProVision EMS E-Learning Library View
TRN-PRO-VILT-AProvision Network Management: Installation, Configuration & Management VILT Course View
TRN-PV-ICM-AProvision Network Management: Installation, Configuration & Operation View
TRN-PVPLUS-ICM-AProVision Plus Management & Applications Platform View
TRN-PVPLUS-VILT-AProVision Plus installation, configuration & Management VILT Course View
Course numberCourse nameDescription
TRN-FAS-VIL-AFrequency Assurance Software VILT Course View
TRN-HAS-CM-VILT E/A/BHealth Assurance Software (HAS) View

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