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Our portfolio of industry-leading training and certification services focuses on optimizing the investments you have made in network infrastructure. Aviat training helps build a strong foundation in microwave and IP/MPLS networking concepts, key to supporting your network and enabling students to pursue successful careers in the converged microwave and IP routing technology space.

Instructor Led Training (ILT)

Aviat Instructor Led Training (ILT)

ILT is ideal for those professionals who oversee the design, configuration, installation, and deployment of Aviat products and microwave and IP/MPLS technologies. Course content is enriched with hands-on labs (nearly 50% of the course duration) and case studies that present scenarios students will face in the real world.


Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

Aviat Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

Delivered via the internet in a live, interactive virtual classroom, VILT classes are led by our expert instructors who deliver compelling learning during conveniently scheduled class times. Students learn more in VILT classes than in traditional E-Learning because they interact with the instructor in real-time and hands-on access to the equipment.



Aviat E-Learning

Aviat provides basic foundational training using our mobile-enabled E-learning platform. The classes offered on this platform, along with our Instructor-led training, provides students with a unique blended learning experience that is convenient and self-paced.



Aviat Certification

Aviat Networks Certified professionals offer the highest level of expertise and support for Aviat solutions. Those certified will receive accreditation for installation, operations, designing, and planning of Aviat microwave and IP solutions and related technology.

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We’re all different. We have different roles and responsibilities. Different schedules. Different ambitions and goals. When it comes to how we learn, we’re different in that way, too. That’s why Aviat offers multiple options to expand your knowledge of microwave and routing technologies, how to deploy wireless transport systems, and how to support and maintain the infrastructure. Select from a broad curriculum and choose from in-person, virtual, or e-learning training. Want to dig deeper into Aviat? Check out our Certification paths – three levels, each designed to enhance your knowledge of Aviat wireless transport systems and increase your technical value to employers.

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