The first step towards implementing any network change is to have a sound understanding of your current network. How do you go about developing a baseline and mapping that information to the future business as well as technical goals for your organization? Aviat Networks provides a broad array of Planning and Assessment Services that deliver a thorough audit of existing infrastructure and sets the stage for dialogue on improvements that need to be part of the upcoming design.

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Network operators can rest assured that they can:

  • Transform their networks more quickly in order to accelerate deployment of new services
  • Accelerate their time-to-revenue and time-to-market
  • Improve network return on investment
  • Reduce risk and total cost of ownership along the way
  • Increase network reliability and performance
  • Ensure Service Level Agreements to deliver customer satisfaction
  • Focus on their end users’ overall service experience

Most requested services

Here are some of the assessment services most requested by our customers

  • QoS setup & optimization
  • Network audits
  • Capacity assessments
  • Link performance analysis
  • L2 and L3 design and configuration reviews
  • Site audits and preventive assessments

Our assessment service process includes

  • Data collection: From key architects and owners of your technical and business requirements.
  • Analysis: Run it through our list of best practices and check points.
  • Recommendations and readout: A detailed assessment report is supplemented with recommendations to fine tune customer requirements or input to the upcoming high level design.

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Watch this presentation for an overview of our services.

  • Detailed engagement with key architects and stakeholders to capture business and technical goals.
  • Extensive data collection to establish baseline and health of current network.
  • Thorough audit using our established methodologies and check points.
  • Detailed assessment report supplemented with recommendations to fine tune requirements and solutions for upcoming design discussions.

Aviat Microwave Upgrade Agreement (MUA) Brochure: Aviat Microwave Upgrade Agreement (MUA)
Improve performance and Keep Your Costs Under Control by Ensuring Your Microwave Network is ALWAYS Up-To-Date. Aviat’s Microwave Upgrade Agreement (MUA) is a long term (10 year) network plan that provides seamless and regular full turnkey technology upgrades, with the highest reliability, full service and support, and an easy OPEX-like financing model. Aviat’s MUA gives you full operational confidence and eliminates the uncertainty of whether your network will continue supporting your needs into the future.

Microwave and IP/MPLS Services - Better Together Brochure: Microwave and IP/MPLS Services - Better Together


AviatPlan facts

Designing years of experience

70 +

for some of the most complex networks

Engaged in over


network planning projects annually

What some of our customers and analyst have to say

Fernando Lopez

Analyst, Transport Network, Telcel

Aviat Networks’ ability to deliver complex logistics support is the mainstay of our operation and maintenance of the Telcel install base. There is no doubt; Aviat is the best of our suppliers at providing this support function.

Yahaya Ibrahim

Senior Manager Core and Transmission Implementation, NID-Network Group, MTN Nigeria

This is an opportunity to work more closely with our partner on planning and deploying Aviat equipment into the MTN Nigeria network. This new agreement demonstrates our confidence in Aviat's capabilities to efficiently manage our inventory. The agreement reduces our overall costs and pain points and improves visibility to better plan future inventory requirements.

Richard Webb

Infonetics 2011

Aviat Networks gets top marks for their Customer Service and Support….peer providers and customers alike agree that Aviat Network’s program is the leader in the industry in this most important criteria when selecting a Microwave provider.

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