Designing a network in today’s multi-vendor, multi-protocol environment requires skilled, experienced resources capable of completing the full breadth of planning and system-level integration activities. Aviat relieves this burden from network operators with robust, reliable, and detailed network-wide system engineering services that can meet operational objectives on-time.

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An organized approach to your network design

Aviat’s team of transmission and network engineers approach network transformation in a collaborative manner—we work by our customer’s side along with our project managers and on-site field engineers to understand your network requirements and existing infrastructure in preparation for your network transformation.

Network design and engineering services organizes the approach to network design, by creating new plans, or take existing plans and assessments, and complete or convert them into tangible, actionable plan for the utilization of equipment and resources.

We also provide detailed surveys including

  • Path survey
  • Site survey
  • Tower survey
  • Geotechnical survey
  • Environmental assessment
  • Site infrastructure design including buildings, towers and foundations

Low-level (detailed) design

Low-Level (Detailed) Design service helps the customer get clear guidance on the detailed design necessary to implement the defined solution. From our work with the existing design plus our ability to bring 70 plus years of experience to implementing complex, wireless networks customer is assured of getting the most from that next level of detail.

Low-level (detailed) design review

If your teams have already developed a low-level (detailed) design document, we recommend engaging Aviat Networks teams to review the details and provide guidance. Aviat brings experts with an in-depth understanding of latest designs along with the experience of identifying any risks involved.

High-level design

Establishing the business and technical requirements of an organization is the key to implementing a successful network change. The high-level design service builds a level of communication with your business and technical team owners to assess requirements.

High-level design review

If you have a team that has already built a high-level design, then engaging Aviat Networks experts to review the design may be the right approach for you.

AviatDesign experience

  • Single point of responsibility with experienced engineers and managers.
  • In-house system engineering field experts in locations worldwide, with local understanding and knowledge of conditions on the ground.
  • Dedicated RF transmission, network engineering and field engineering experts assigned for the duration of your project.
  • Best practices for executing and adhering to both local and national electrical and civil building codes.
  • Comprehensive documentation provided for seamless hand-off to installation and integration experts.

AviatDesign offering

Aviat’s Network System Engineering services are proven with hundreds of successfully implemented advanced network solutions worldwide. These service solutions include:

  • Conceptual preliminary (pre-survey) and final system design with professional engineering support for associated civil activities
  • Discovery process to identify and exchange existing information, data and documentation
  • Identification of system design criteria, future initiatives and site-specific infrastructure and capacity plans
  • Site infrastructure support systems including power generation, air conditioning and site security
  • Path and site surveys as needed

Aviat Microwave Upgrade Agreement (MUA) Brochure: Aviat Microwave Upgrade Agreement (MUA)
Improve performance and Keep Your Costs Under Control by Ensuring Your Microwave Network is ALWAYS Up-To-Date. Aviat’s Microwave Upgrade Agreement (MUA) is a long term (10 year) network plan that provides seamless and regular full turnkey technology upgrades, with the highest reliability, full service and support, and an easy OPEX-like financing model. Aviat’s MUA gives you full operational confidence and eliminates the uncertainty of whether your network will continue supporting your needs into the future.

Microwave and IP/MPLS Services - Better Together Brochure: Microwave and IP/MPLS Services - Better Together


AviatDesign facts

 More than

1000 +

of link evaluations completed yearly

Design of

10,000 +

Microwave backhaul links yearly

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