Rapid installation and a quality turn-up for your network are key metrics that drive the successful business outcome desired which is, fast time-to-market. Aviat’s assembly, integration and testing  services are tailored to meet your deployment needs and requirements to get equipment up and running with production traffic. That translates directly into higher revenue helping you get to your business outcomes.

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Deploying a network

Deploying a network requires significant investment in resource planning and training to meet the challenge:

  • Equipment integration or out of box failure issues
  • Managing the logistics between equipment vendors and service deployment partners to meet installation timelines
  • Continuous training for staff on process and technology

Our factory processes, tools and infrastructure have a proven record of handling equipment configuration and testing, making sure the equipment and related system accessories are operational before shipment. These activities result in reduced field install time and risk of failures and eliminate some common operational issues related to equipment configuration and shipment at the install site.

At Aviat, we know what it takes for a rapid installation and getting equipment in service and running traffic.

Factory assembly & integration services

Per customer order, plug-in cards and SFPs can be factory installed into the radio chassis. Additionally, software and licenses are programmed onto SD flash card which is then installed into chassis as well. RF testing is performed to ensure the links are running smoothly. The benefits of these factory services speak for themselves, they:

  • Quickens the field install time;
  • Provides greater factory assurance by ensuring the link operates without issues before shipment; and
  • Reduces the risk of failures during installation / turn-up

Factory acceptance & testing service

Aviat provides standard acceptance testing that can be witnessed by end customers to validate and sign-off on network testing performance at Aviat’s factory premises.

  • Tests modeled on assembly line final test protocols.
  • Test plan performed in presence of customer at Aviat Integration Lab.
  • Sub-system level integration possible to assure functionality and performance as per customer requirements.
  • Customer provided with overview of the production process including inventory management, manufacturing and quality assurance practices.

Level A: CTR chassis assembly and software (SW) load

  • Install the plug-in cards, install SFPs into the CTR chassis’ Ethernet ports
  • Program SW and any capacity / feature licenses onto SD Flash Card
  • Power-up assembled unit, verify plug-in slot assignments (CTR8540), scan/record installed part #’s and serial #’s.

Level 2: RF link test

RF testing is performed across link for each ODU connected to CTR (Level A CTR or if Level A not ordered, reference CTR):

  • Verify software version (if test is with Level A CTR) and successful upload
  • Perform RF testing across a single link (using RF cables, not with antennas)
  • Measure Output Power at antenna port
  • Run BER for 10 minutes (Error free) at -50 dBm on both protected sides
  • Measure Receive Threshold (true measurement)
  • Establish baseline for field installation and turn-up

Behind the scenes: a look into Aviat’s infrastructure

Aviat Networks’ has a long history of performing value-added factory services for our customers, from assembling chassis with customer-specified plug-ins and mating with associated RF modules for link and tributary testing, to complete system integration with OEM and factory acceptance testing end to end through the network.

Automated Assembly Stations (ATS) verify that plug-in modules match the customer order, are slotted correctly, and record all part numbers and serial numbers installed in the chassis, and generate a box label listing part numbers with serial numbers for chassis, plug-in modules, and software, along with license feature part numbers.

Aviat Microwave Upgrade Agreement (MUA) Brochure: Aviat Microwave Upgrade Agreement (MUA)
Improve performance and Keep Your Costs Under Control by Ensuring Your Microwave Network is ALWAYS Up-To-Date. Aviat’s Microwave Upgrade Agreement (MUA) is a long term (10 year) network plan that provides seamless and regular full turnkey technology upgrades, with the highest reliability, full service and support, and an easy OPEX-like financing model. Aviat’s MUA gives you full operational confidence and eliminates the uncertainty of whether your network will continue supporting your needs into the future.

Microwave and IP/MPLS Services - Better Together Brochure: Microwave and IP/MPLS Services - Better Together


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