Pathloss 5.0

Transmission engineering (Instructor Led Training - ILT)


This 3-day course includes a review of the basic concept of microwave theory and the design of a small microwave network using PathLoss 5.0. By designing the network with the instructor, the students will learn how to use the different modules of PathLoss 5.0 in a logical order and should be able to use the software on their own at the end of the course.

Participants should have a working familiarity with point-to-point microwave radio networks, propagation, and a good understanding of telecommunications fundamentals.

Each student must bring a Windows compatible laptop PC and have a licensed copy of Pathloss 5 installed.

Course outline

  • Definitions:
    L2 Radio Technology Terms
  • Microwave Design Formulas:
    k Factor, Fresnel Zones, Path Clearance, Free Space Loss, Link Budget, Receiver Threshold, Fade Margin, Outage, Thermal, Noise, Availability and Reliability, Rain Attenuation, Multipath, Antenna Theory
  • Propagation and Meteorology
  • Diversity Schemes:
    Space, Frequency, Quad, Hybrid, Ring, and Improvement Factors
  • Terrain Profile and Reflection
  • Performance and availability objectives
  • General Program Operation
  • Summary Module
  • Terrain data
  • Microwave Worksheet
  • Rain Attenuation
  • Diffraction / Reflection Analysis
  • Multipath
  • Network Overview
  • Interference Calculation
  • Profile Analysis
  • Propagation Models
  • Adaptive Coding and Modulation Techniques
  • Interpretation of the Error Performance Objective (EPO)

Download description

Pathloss 5.0

Course description (PDF)

Pricing & scheduling

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Course specifics

  • Duration: 4-day
  • Capacity: 10
  • Location(s) for open enrolment:
    • Texas (San Antonio)
  • Materials provided:
    • Student guide

Target audience

Microwave engineers and experienced microwave technicians who have knowledge in microwave propagation and path design.

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