Aviat Networks offers a portfolio of industry-leading training and certification services focused on optimizing the investments you have made in network infrastructure.  Aviat training helps in building a strong foundation of microwave and IP/MPLS networking concepts which is key to a successful career in the converged microwave and IP routing technology space.

Aviat experts teaching globally

We offer classes at training centers in all major regions, using our equipment or we can customize delivery to your needs and deliver courses at your site.  Courses are conducted by AVIAT expert trainers in a mentoring environment backed by their deep technology expertise and experience in implementation of microwave wireless and IP networks.


  • Acquire the latest and up to date information from experts and be ready to apply your knowledge at work – get more productivity from your network.
  • Trained employees make fewer mistakes which will translate into higher network uptime and happy customers.
  • Open enrollment schedules enable convenience of training individuals without impacting your entire team’s work schedule; lower costs and higher flexibility.

We offer our instructor led technical training classes in-person and line online

You pick the training method that best suits you:

Instructor Led Training (ILT)

Instructor Led Training is recommended for individuals who will oversee the design, configuration, installation and deployment of projects involving Aviat products and microwave and IP/MPLS technologies.  Aviat training catalog includes courses for:

  • Aviat Networks microwave radio products and network management systems
  • IP Routing, Switching, MPLS
  • Transmission engineering
  • Installation practices

The course content is enriched with hands-on labs (nearly 50% of the course duration) and case studies that offer students scenarios they will face in real deployments in their networks.

Courses are conducted as dedicated or open-enrollment sessions so you can pick the class that suits your schedule and budget.

Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

Live Online VILT (Virtual Instructor Led Training) is a live, interactive virtual classroom solution delivered via the Internet. Live Online VILT classes are led by expert instructors who deliver compelling learning during conveniently scheduled class times. Students in Live Online VILT learn more than traditional E-Learning because they interact with the instructor in real-time and students will have access to the equipment for hands on. It’s the ideal way to get the benefits of a physical class without the time and expense involved in traveling to a class location. Pre-register for our virtual classes here.


Aviat also provides basic foundational training using their mobile-enabled E-learning platform. Courses in our E-learning catalog cover:

  • System overview topics
  • Installation best practices
  • Product installation
  • Support best practices and knowledge base

The E-learning platform along with our Instructor-led training provides students with a unique blended learning experience that is convenient and self paced.

Access E-learning via AviatCloud


When you are Aviat Networks Certified, you are ensuring that the work you deliver conforms to the highest quality of Aviat Networks’ solutions and commitment to the best practices that Aviat Networks promises to its customers.

The goal of the AviatCARE EDUCATE Certification plan is to develop and nurture a community that can provide learners with ongoing guidance and learning on the latest Aviat products and related technologies.

You will receive tangible proof of your hard-earned knowledge for the installation, operations or designing and planning of Aviat Networks’ microwave and IP solutions as well as related technology. And when you have documentation to prove knowledge of Aviat Networks technologies and general microwave theory and practices, you can bring more value-add to the installation, operations and designing and planning processes, which your company and customers are more likely to recognize.

More on our certification program

AviatCare Educate facts

Out of 10, average of

9.36 +

customer satifaction

In the past 12 months

250 +

successful certifications


1,200 +

individuals trained

Student feedback

The training gave me a great understanding of the Aviat equipment which I will be able to apply to my job field.
Herb's ability to keep us engaged. Best class in 15 years. Best teacher I have had since high school.
Instructor was very engaging. Encouraged all students to participate. Kept the course in line and presented all materials well.

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