Services to optimize your wireless infrastructure investments

In this era of digital transformation, building or expanding a wireless network requires well-defined objectives, a well thought-out strategy, and decisions made for long-term success. We’re here to help with a comprehensive portfolio of services that accelerate your time to value and increase your operational effectiveness.

Project Services

What you need. When you need it.

Aviat Networks Project Services for microwave network operators

Our comprehensive suite of project services puts you in the driver’s seat. You choose the specific service you need at any stage in your wireless network lifecycle – from planning and design, to deployment, network management, and support.


Managed Services

Leverage your resources. Reduce your OPEX.

Aviat Networks Managed Services for microwave network operators

We have the proven expertise to host, monitor, and manage your wireless transport infrastructure around the clock. The result is increased operational efficiency, higher reliability, and lower cost without large capital expenditures.



Sharing 70-plus years of microwave experience

Aviat Networks Education for microwave network operators

Our training and certification programs focus on optimizing the investments you have made in your network infrastructure. The curriculum builds a strong foundation in wireless transport, backhaul, and access, essential to success for students and network operations departments.



Optimize deployed and idle network assets

Aviat Networks Support Services for microwave network operators

One of the truly great challenges for any network operator is the successful phase-in and phase-out of technologies, all while optimizing return on assets. Our high quality, cost-effective support and maintenance services leverage the investments you have made in your network.



Why outsource services?

Managing the complexity of today’s network infrastructures is pressure-filled. Network operators are tasked to do more with fewer resources, and are constantly juggling priorities and budgets. That’s where outsourcing can help. Here’s how.

First: financial. It’s less expensive to procure capabilities, such as 24/7 network monitoring, than to grow them internally.

Next: expertise. While cost is important, specialized knowledge and experience can protect your data and your infrastructure from downtime and external threats.

Third: geographic – resources when and where you need them – particularly important when modernizing or expanding a network, or troubleshooting issues.

Finally: reduces exposure to operational risk – enables network managers to focus on keeping the network ahead of business demands, not day-to-day wireless transport infrastructure management.

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