Aviat is excited to announce the calendar for our fall/winter roadshow taking place in November and December.

Aviat’s Fall Technology Roadshow


Join us for these interactive and informative sessions where we will discuss:

  • Microwave technology and trends
    • Strategies for microwave capacity growth
    • Microwave and Software Defined Networking (SDN)
    • Multiband (80GHz + 18/23GHz)
    • IP/MPLS and Segment Routing
  • 6GHz FCC update
    • Status of proposal to share 6GHz band
  • Aviat product portfolio and roadmap overview

Sessions will run from 9am-1pm including lunch.

Cost: FREE

Date City
4-Dec Kansas City, MO
5-Dec Tulsa, OK
6-Dec Houston, TX
11-Dec Atlanta, GA
11-Dec Sacramento, CA
12-Dec Milpitas, CA
13-Dec Orlando, FL
13-Dec Seattle, WA
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Attendee Feedback

Very useful in providing information on future microwave trends and current available options for microwave optimization.

Excellent overview of products, implementation considerations and design.

Good content; well worth my time. Well prepared, condensed info.

Good coverage of a number of topics from knowledgeable people in the industry.

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