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Industrial Grade Connectivity for Fixed and Nomadic Wireless applications

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Virtual Fiber Industrial Grade Wireless Access

Industrial Grade Fixed Wireless Designed to Support Assets in Motion

Aviat Networks’ Virtual Fiber (VF) platform is a powerful, industrial-grade solution for providing reliable, high-speed connectivity in extreme environments. Our all-outdoor radios and self-aligning antennas, combined with Aviat’s best-in-class wireless transport solutions, are ideal for last mile connectivity in industries such as oil and gas, mining, transportation, and more.

Unlike traditional VSAT links and narrowband solutions, which can be expensive and prone to latency issues, VF uses ground-based transmitters and receivers to transmit data over the air, providing fast and reliable internet access. In addition to being more cost-effective than other solutions, VF has higher capacity and can support more users and devices simultaneously in mission-critical scenarios.

VF can also be used as a cost-effective alternative to traditional VSAT connections in locations where infrastructure is already in place. And in exploratory sites, VF can be used in conjunction with VSAT links to provide a flexible and adaptable solution for internet connectivity. By leveraging the strengths of both technologies, VF can provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for businesses and organizations in need of internet connectivity in a wide range of locations

Virtual Fiber Platform

The Platform is hardened and purpose-built to simplify and reduce the cost of deploying mission-critical networks in environments where success demands perfection. It enables you to quickly adapt to new challenges and break new ground while providing dependable connectivity to people, assets, and applications 24×7.

One key feature of Aviat’s platform is its nomadic capabilities, which allow it to be easily set up and reconfigured in different locations without the need for specialized engineering services. This is particularly useful for organizations that need to quickly establish a temporary network in a new location, such as for mines, wells, construction sites, or disaster relief efforts.

Another key feature that sets Aviat Networks’ Virtual Fiber platform apart is in harsh environments where equipment is subject to extreme conditions. We take extra steps to harden our VF products with advanced protective coatings. We apply Electroless Nickel plating to the VF casing to prevent corrosion before powder coating, and we use plated connectors that keep moisture out and reduce corrosion. These measures help to protect our VF products from damage and extend their lifespan in harsh environments. The use of Electroless Nickel plating and plated connectors allows our VF products to withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, and corrosive substances, ensuring that they can perform at their best and last longer in challenging environments.

Briefly Speaking

Aviat’s Virtual Fiber platform incorporates our industry leading hardened RDL 3000 base station, ruggedized CPEs, and nomadic self-aligning antennas to provide a mission-critical wireless network that reduces your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). VF utilizes software defined radios for simplified PtP and PtMP wireless deployments providing high synchronous data speeds of up to 440 Mbps of bidirectional traffic.

Virtual Fiber solutions are designed for the toughest environmental conditions, with options available certified for Zone 1 and Zone 2 ATEX/HAZLOC deployments. They support spectrum from 450 MHz to 6 GHz. and can be deployed in temperatures between -40° to +75°C. Virtual Fiber provides secure AES-256-bit encryption and reliable high-speed connectivity in challenging, isolated locations, and over rough terrain where no infrastructure exists.

RDL 3000 is the base station and heart of the VF platform. It is highly spectrally efficient with up to 93% capacity efficiency for PMP (Point to Multi Point). The RDL 3000 utilizes GPS synchronization and Tx/Rx filtering for improved interference mitigation and frequency re-use. It can be deployed in PtP or PtMP architecture.

RDL 3000 Connect is a ruggedized software-defined wireless terminal that is standards-based and provides interoperability with TCP/IP, Ethernet, Serial, SCADA, sensor devices and other systems. It provides a cost-effective solution for serial and Ethernet communications in a single platform.

RAS Elite is a self-aligning antenna system designed to support assets in motion while reducing the costs and staff associated with relocating assets in the field. Rapid Auto Provision (RAP) allows the RAS Elite to establish a fast and secure link automatically. There are no moving parts, and it is a rugged IP-67 rated construction with a built-in GPS receiver.

Features & Benefits


Why Virtual Fiber

One network, many uses, anywhere. Aviat’s powerful wireless networks connect your end-devices to the core TCP/IP network with complete application transparency and can interoperate with all major standards-based IP networking equipment. Whether it is SCADA, voice, IP data, video or M2M, a single Aviat network can carry everything. It can be easily replicated in other regions and countries using locally allowed frequency bands from 470 MHz to 6 GHz, with the same architecture, interfaces and overall reliability and performance.

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Virtual Fiber

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