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Complete Private LTE Solution for Demanding applications

Ruggedized LTE with power of a macro cell in a compact all-outdoor solution.


All Outdoor Private LTE Aviat RDL 6000

Industrial Grade LTE – Macro Coverage with Lowest TCO

Aviat Network’s industrial grade private LTE platform, when paired with Aviat’s wireless transport, is the most affordable and reliable LTE solution for small industrial and rural deployments. It is the only private LTE solution that simplifies LTE by combining a compact all-outdoor architecture with high system gain microwave backhaul and a small, scalable EPC core, significantly reducing the cost of ownership. The reduced footprint paired with lower costs enables operators to break new ground and provide broadband access in the harshest environments in the world.

Private LTE Platform

The Platforms compact design, rugged hardware, and EPC scalability enables you to deploy high-capacity networks fast while lowering your overall operational costs. It will enable your network to service the most remote locations and provide mission critical service in harsh environments.

Briefly Speaking

Aviat’s private LTE solution combines industry leading microwave backhauls, all-outdoor industrial RDL 6000 and Aviat Core technology to provide a low-cost mission critical LTE solution.

RDL 6000 is a 3GPP, all-outdoor, compact, ruggedized, single-band, mini-macro eNodeB that extends from 700 MHz to 3500 MHz with a transmit power of 39 dBm. The RDL 6000 offers rapid deployment in all environments, eliminating the need for large structures, and delivering mission critical service for a significantly lower cost than other LTE solutions.

Features & Benefits

The Power of a Macro in a compact all-outdoor solution

Typical Macro Solution

  • Outdoor cabinet housing BBU & stand-alone Router
  • Large EPC
  • Complex – many units and cable connections
  • Multiple costly Management Platforms

Aviat’s All-Outdoor Solution

  • LTE + Backhaul + Router
  • RDL6000 Integrated BBU and RRH
  • Ruggedized, resilient, no fans
  • All-Outdoor Microwave backhaul, with integrated Router
  • Right-sized EPC
  • Single End-to-end NMS


Why Private LTE

Private LTE solutions have a small footprint and scalable core that simplifies installation and operation, lowering the total cost of ownership. The low powered, industrial, all-outdoor radios eliminate the need for indoor rack space and large battery banks. These benefits make private LTE the preferred solution for small mission critical networks in challenging environments.

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Private LTE

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