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STR 4500

The next generation of split-mount and all-outdoor trunking applications

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Microwave Trunking Radio Aviat STR 4500

The Wireless Alternative to Long Haul Fiber

STR 4500 represents the next generation of long-haul microwave applications. Up to four WTM 4500s can be combined onto a single antenna port using an Outdoor Branching Unit (OBU), supporting up to 8 Gbps of link capacity with integrated space diversity. This gives network operators a viable choice over fiber for long haul backbone paths, and delivers the lowest possible CAPEX and OPEX.

STR 4500

Operators no longer need to deploy extensive and expensive site infrastructure – such as shelters, air-conditioning, elliptical waveguide runs, and dehydration systems – to support all-indoor trunk radios. The STR 4500 eliminates all of these requirements, dramatically lowering TCO.

Briefly Speaking

For over 30 years, Aviat has been a leader in long haul microwave solutions, initially using all-indoor multi-channel trunking radios. However, in the last decade, Aviat has led a transformation of the long-haul market by pioneering a new split-mount trunking solution — the STR 4500.

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Why Split-Mount Microwave Trunking?

For years, traditional trunking microwave systems were installed all-indoors, requiring shelters and costly air conditioning. Split-Mount microwave trunking moves the microwave radio from the shelter to the tower and mounted next to the antenna, reducing deployment and operational costs. Smaller shelters or cabinets can be used, eliminating costly and unreliable pressurization/dehydration systems, and lowering air-conditioning needs.

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