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CTR 8000 Platform

Resilient, affordable microwave and transport routers


Microwave Routers Aviat CTR 8540 and 8740

Robust performance without the high price

Aviat introduced the industry’s first microwave router in 2014. Unlike traditional microwave indoor units that require separate routers and management systems, our CTR microwave and transport routers are fully featured, designed to reduce the number of required devices, and reduce both CAPEX and OPEX costs.

CTR 8000 Platform

Because CTR 8000 routers are purpose-built for microwave and transport networks, you won’t pay for features you don’t need. Their robust IP/MPLS feature set makes these routers the affordable routing solution for both fiber and wireless connected sites – without the need for an extra box – significantly reducing TCO.

Briefly Speaking

Routers have been too expensive for too long. With a stranglehold on the market, traditional router vendors have demanded premiums for their products and, with SDN technology a few years away from disrupting the cost equation of transport routing, a new approach to routing is needed.

Features & Benefits

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Why Microwave Transport Routing?

Most routers are built for multiple use cases or deployment scenarios – and their costly feature sets are unnecessary in a transport network. Microwave transport routers merge the functions an IP/MPLS router and a microwave indoor into a single device, significantly reducing routing complexity and dramatically lowering routing costs.

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