Highly integrated wireless/fiber transport router

Featuring next-generation hardware and software, and specifically designed to simplify wireless transport and support high availability (HA) routing, the CTR 8740 is the industry’s most affordable and resilient 5G-ready IP-SDN router.

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CTR 8740 Highly integrated wireless/fiber transport router

Features and Benefits


  • Supports IP/MPLS, Layer-1 aggregation, XPIC, space diversity, multi-band, MIMO, and more.
  • High capacity, ultra-reliable paths for urban, sub-urban, rural, & trunking sites.


  • Delivers a single box solution for all radio architecture deployments
  • Provides high capacity switching fabric for access, pre-aggregation or aggregation network segments.


  • High Availability (HA) routing software license ensures no single point-of-failure and eliminate traffic disruption.
  • Dual protected power supplies, software upgrades, segment routing, strong-security.


  • Simplifies multi-vendor networks – SDN ready with native support for NETCONF/YANG.
  • Provides stress-free network management – ProVision Plus.
  • Enables straightforward licensing, training, maintenance.


  • Significantly lower cost than typical routers through next-gen hardware, & off-the-shelf and open source software.
  • Purpose-built for transport networks – you don’t pay for features you don’t need.


  • Supports future transport needs through capacity and software modularity.
  • Safeguards your investment, ensuring you have platform that scales as network demands grow.

CTR 8740 HA

When There is No Option for Network Downtime

Backhaul network unavailability is not an option for mission-critical networks.

Downtime can lead to severe consequences – loss of productivity, loss of revenue, even loss of life.

Until now, network operators have had to overbuy High Availability routers to eliminate single points of failure and minimize the threat of service disruption.

Aviat has taken a different approach: our CTR 8740 transport router provides High Availability at fiber and wireless sites at an affordable price and with lowest TCO.

Cutting the cost of routing

The cost of routing has been too high for too long. With a stranglehold on the market, traditional router vendors have demanded premiums for their products and with SDN technology being a few years from being able to disrupt the transport routing cost equation, something new is needed.

With its state-of-the-art hardware and off the shelf and open source software, CTR 8740 delivers significantly lower cost than standard routers. Plus CTR 8740 is purpose-built for transport networks, so you’re not paying for features you don’t need.

With its robust IP/MPLS feature set, CTR 8740 enables a single low-cost transport routing solution for both fiber and wireless connected sites.

Through the integration of modem technology, CTR 8740 removes the need for an extra box thus further lowering CAPEX and OPEX costs for microwave and millimeter wave deployments.

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CTR 8740

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