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Aprisa SR/SR+

Licensed & Unlicensed Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Radios

The Aprisa SR family provides narrow band radio communications, designed and optimised for SCADA and telemetry applications. The Aprisa SR provides up to 19.2 kbit/s capacity for everyday applications, with two Ethernet ports and one serial port. The Aprisa SR+ provides industry leading capacity of up to 120 kbit/s for more data-intensive applications, with four build-configurable ports for advanced flexibility. Each unit can be configured as a base station, repeater or remote unit.

Aprisa SR - Licensed & Unlicensed Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Radios

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Aprisa SR Distance-engineered and optimised for SCADA

Introducing the Aprisa SR Platform

Distance-engineered and optimised for SCADA

The Aprisa SR and Aprisa SR+ are distance-engineered and optimised for SCADA and telemetry applications, providing reliable, robust performance however demanding the conditions: what we call ‘real world radio’. RF performance is unbeatable, with attention paid to every element of the design: transmitter, receiver, modulation and efficiency.

The receiver maintains exceptional low noise operation via excellent sensitivity for greater distance and high selectivity and intermodulation suppression for superior protection from interference. This performance is complemented by fast switching circuitry and high transmit power ensuring long distance operation with exceptional system reliability and availability.

Product Features

Easy to manage:

The Aprisa SR and Aprisa SR+ incorporate several simple, yet smart, features to make it easy to manage your SCADA network, both at an individual radio level and at a complete network level. Detailed network monitoring means that faulty or failed RTUs can be easily identified.

Smart security:

The Aprisa SR family incorporates an in-depth approach to security, what we call a 360-degree approach. This considers security fundamentals, types and sources of attack, and protecting all data and management interfaces, as well as incorporating industry standards and recommendations. This approach protects against passive eavesdropping, active denial of service, ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks and attacks at a management level.

Smart operation:

All networks are different. The Aprisa SR family takes account of this by enabling you to configure several detailed parameters to optimise your network, dependent on your network topology.

Aprisa LTE - Efficient thermal management

Product Features

Reliable and robust

The Aprisa SR and Aprisa SR+ are designed with superior attention to detail and quality, for consistent high performance, no matter how demanding your requirements.

There is no need for manual component tuning, there are no moving parts, and the Aprisa SR family maintains its high-power output over a wide temperature range.

Thermal management is a crucial aspect of reliability engineering, and the Aprisa SR and Aprisa SR+ can operate at high temperatures using high efficiency amplifier technology and extensive integrated passive heat sinking.

Discover your options

Aprisa SR

Smart, secure, point-to-multipoint SCADA communications for oil, gas and utility monitoring and control:


  • Offshore rigs and onshore pump jacks
  • Transmission pipelines
  • Electricity generation plants and turbines
  • Power storage and distribution
  • Water and waste processing plants

Aprisa SR+

Smart, secure, industry-leading speed licensed point-to-multipoint SCADA communications for industrial monitoring and control for the electricity, water, oil and gas industries – now with 256 QAM


  • Smart grid: concentrator communications and GPRS replacement
  • AMI / AMR: high density data concentrator backhaul
  • Renewables: wind farm, tidal, hydro automation
  • Measurement, control and protection in MV / HV distribution / transmission
  • Co-generation and community energy storage monitoring and control in distributed storage and generation
  • Fibre substitution in substation and feeder automation upgrades

Aprisa SRi

Utility-grade unlicensed radio for Aprisa edge-of-network extension and other field area network applications


  • Electricity grid: distribution automation DA /DFA/DR and Volt/VAR cap banks
  • Smart grid: concentrator communications and GPRS replacement
  • Renewables: distributed energy DER/DERM for solar and wind farms
  • Water and wastewater: flow, level, and pressure modulation
  • Oil & Gas: wellhead automation, production metering, lift pump automation
  • Relieve capacity constrained unlicensed field area networks
  • On site applications: intra-substation ‘inside the fence’ MV substation automation, water treatment plants, single and multi-well pads
  • Tail-end links: Aprisa SR licensed network extensions and secure communications
  • Medium range applications: water catchment management and coalbed methane (CBM) production


Main Benefits


To meet the growing number of data-intensive applications in the SCADA environment, the Aprisa SR+ provides data rates of up to 576 kbit/s half duplex / 1,152 kbit/s full duplex in 100 kHz licensed channels.


With its defense in depth approach, including AES encryption, authentication, address filtering and user access control including RADIUS, the Aprisa SR+ protects against vulnerabilities and malicious attacks.


The Aprisa SR+ supports dual serial and dual Ethernet ports in a single, compact form factor, designed to cryptographically secure legacy serial, protect existing device investment, and enable new applications. Old and new application protocols can be run side by side.

Advanced L2 / L3 capabilities

Selectable L2 bridge, L3 router, or advanced gateway router combination L2/L3 modes with VLAN, QoS, NAT, and filtering attributes to maximize capacity in constrained bandwidth and prioritize mission critical traffic while meeting tough security and IP network policy imperatives.


The Aprisa SR+ integrates into a range of network topologies, with each unit configurable as a master station, repeater or remote station; connect multiple RTUs / PLCs to a single radio.

Flexible interfaces

The data interfaces can be configured for serial or Ethernet operation; a range of options are supported, including two serial and two Ethernet, one serial and three Ethernet, or four Ethernet ports. Support for NMEA GPS receiver option.

Link efficiency

Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) and forward error correction maintains the integrity of the wireless connection while an effective channel access scheme and IP routing ensures efficient transfer of data across the Aprisa SR+ network. Automatic Transmit Power Control maintains the minimum transmit power required for effective communications enhancing both frequency reuse and power savings. Advanced payload and Ethernet / IP / TCP / UDP header compression.
If your mission is critical, you need the industry-leading performance of Aprisa LTE 5G


Why this Platform?

The Aprisa SR and Aprisa SR+ are used to monitor and control communications in a range of applications throughout water, electricity, renewable, oil and gas and the smart grid.

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