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WTM 4000 Platform

Purpose-built for high capacity 5G transport.


All Outdoor Radio WTM 4000 Platform

Lowest TCO wireless transport

WTM 4000 dramatically lowers the cost of microwave, millimeter wave, and multi-band transport and backhaul networks. A compact all-outdoor dual-transceiver architecture with integrated IP/MPLS removes the need for an indoor unit or a stand-alone router. High system gain reduces antenna sizes and tower lease costs, while a unique one-box multi-band provides high capacity over longer distances, with lower spectrum fees and minimal upgrade costs.

WTM 4000 Platform

The platform’s ultra-high capacity protects your network from looming traffic growth. It will minimize your overall operational costs and resources, support new applications, and enable quick rollout of new services. It will enable you to prepare for an uncertain future, with software-scalable capacity upgrades that can be purchased online and implemented in minutes without additional equipment or truck rolls.

Briefly Speaking

WTM 4000 is a multi-channel, multi-band platform that extends from 5 to 80 GHz, supports modulations from 4 to 4096QAM, channel sizes from 7 to 2000 MHz, and capacities up to 20Gbps, all in a single, cost-effective common platform all-outdoor configuration. It delivers high performance at less cost per bit, consumes less power per bit than any other microwave radio, and eliminates structure and environmental costs of indoor equipment.

Features & Benefits


Why All-Outdoor?

AOD radios are simple to deploy and operate for lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). There’s only one box (per end) to purchase, ship, deploy and maintain (compared to multiple units and cards for split-mount). Because these radios are all-outdoor, there’s no indoor or cabinet rack space required, and they’re compatible with next-generation all-outdoor base stations. These benefits are making AOD radios the preferred solution for 4G and 5G mobile and rural broadband networks worldwide.

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Aviat Releases Vendor Agnostic Multi-Band

Upgrade legacy microwave links to 10 Gbps capacity, while leveraging installed base investment and lowering TCO

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Aviat Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVNW), the leading expert in wireless transport solutions, today announced the release of their Vendor Agnostic Multi-Band solution, which enables operators to easily upgrade the capacity of an existing installed licensed microwave link up to 10 Gbit/s. Aviat’s Vendor Agnostic Multi-Band, or MB-VA, enables operators with deployments of legacy microwave from any vendor to cost-effectively deploy significant additional network capacity to support demands of advanced LTE and 5G buildouts.

Supercharge your legacy microwave network with Aviat Networks' MB-VA

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