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IRU 600

The highest power digital microwave radio ever built.

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All Indoor Radio IRU 600

Breakthrough capacity & reliability for mission-critical networks

When you can’t sacrifice reliability for high capacity, the Aviat IRU 600 delivers the ultimate in high performance, reliability, flexibility, and capacity for mission-critical applications. It’s a highly secure all-indoor radio, with market-leading system gain to enable smaller antennas and lower TCO.

IRU 600

Providing ultra-high capacity choices, innovative migration solutions, and optional extra high power, the IRU 600 provides a strong defense against technology obsolescence.

Briefly Speaking

With its Extra-High Power (EHP) option, IRU 600 supports more transmitter power than alternative options, extending path distances, unlocking more capacity, enabling smaller, less costly antennas, and reducing tower-related costs. EHP also enables the 11 GHz to mitigate the effects of Wi-Fi 6E interference on the 6 GHz band, or can remove the need to deploy space diversity to support high link availability.

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Why All-indoor?

All-indoor radios provide easy access for maintenance and upgrades without the need to climb towers. This makes these radios ideal for deployment in harsh environments, such as for public safety and utility networks. And because all-indoor radios are more easily cooled, they can support exceptionally high power performance.

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