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The highest power digital microwave radio ever built.

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All Indoor Radio IRU 600

Breakthrough capacity & reliability for mission-critical networks

For those requiring unwavering reliability and high capacity, Aviat’s IRU 600 UHP stands out as the premier choice. This all-indoor radio, designed explicitly for mission-critical applications, ensures optimum security with a system gain that leads the industry.

The IRU600 UHP from Aviat promises a guaranteed single-channel power output at the antenna port of up to +38 dBm in the 11 GHz band. This capability is an impressive 5 dB higher, offering more than triple the output power when compared to other available solutions.

This superior power output makes transitioning from 6 GHz to 11 GHz seamless and can also substitute 84% of 6 GHz links with the same dish size, and up to 95% with a slightly larger one.

The UHP’s enhanced power output also enables the use of smaller antennas compared to other leading alternatives, which translates into a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). As an added benefit, the UHP can be conveniently retrofitted into the existing 2RU IRU600 chassis, facilitating upgrades of current links with minimum disruption and expense.


Providing ultra-high capacity choices, innovative migration solutions, and optional extra high power, the IRU 600UHP provides a strong defense against technology obsolescence.

Briefly Speaking

The IRU 600 UHP, with its Ultra-High Power (UHP) feature, surpasses all alternative options in transmitter power. This translates into extended path distances, more unlocked ability, smaller and less expensive antennas, and a reduction in tower-related costs. The UHP option also allows 11 GHz to mitigate the effects of interference on the 6 GHz band, cutting the need to deploy space diversity for high link availability.

Features & Benefits


Why All-indoor?

All-indoor radios offer easy access for maintenance and upgrades without the need to climb towers. These radios are ideal for deployment in harsh environments, like public safety and utility networks. Moreover, all-indoor radios, due to their better cooling ability, can support exceptionally high-power performance.

What sets IRU 600 UHP apart?

The new IRU 600 UHP brings all the features of the IRU 600 and adds an Ultra High-Power feature. This enhancement allows for smaller antenna sizes, improved mitigation of interference issues, and a significant reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

What is the significance of the UHP?

The UHP feature of the IRU 600 UHP increases the power output, which allows for extended path distances, unlocks more capacity, and enables the use of smaller, less costly antennas. This increased power output also helps mitigate interference issues on the 6 GHz band.

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