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Your network infrastructure is unique to your organization, your objectives, and your stakeholders. A “one-size-fits-all” approach to wireless is not an option. Our approach is the power of choice. Our extensive portfolio of microwave radios, switches, routers, and software support your specific architecture and applications, while enabling you to build a high performing network at low TCO.

All-Outdoor (AOD) Radios

Super-compact, no indoor footprint.

All-Outdoor (AOD) Radios

WTM 4000 is the broadest AOD dual-transceiver platform available today, supporting microwave, millimeter-wave, multi-band, and multi-channel high-capacity trunking.


All-Indoor (AID) Radios

Easy access to upgrade and maintain.

All-Outdoor (AOD) Radios

IRU 600 radios offer an Extra High Power option delivering up to +39dBm output power resulting in longer links with smaller antennas, and lower tower-related costs.


Split-Mount (SM) Radios

Mainstay of microwave networks for past 30 years.

All-Outdoor (AOD) Radios

ODU 600 radios connect with a simple coax cable to an IDU. They deliver market leading radio system performance to minimize tower loading and costs.


Microwave Trunking

High capacity over long distances and difficult terrains.

Aviat Microwave Trunking STR 4500

STR 4500 Trunking solutions offer the latest in Trunking innovations to support up to 10 Gbps capacity over link distances greater than 100 km, even over water.


Microwave Routers

Integrated indoor microwave modem and cell site router.

Aviat Microwave Routers CTR Family

CTR 8540 and CTR 8740 Routers combine radio (L1), Carrier Ethernet (L2) and are fully software upgradeable to L3 IP/MPLS, all in a single device, dramatically lowering TCO.


Microwave Switches

Simple and convenient for ground access.

Aviat Microwave Indoor Units Eclipse CTR 8300

CTR 8300 and Eclipse are ideal for traffic and maintenance access. Microwave IDUs typically support a combination of legacy TDM and Ethernet interfaces.


Element Management

Standards-based management platform

Aviat Element Management ProVision and ProVision Plus

Aviat ProVision and ProVision Plus provide efficient, seamless end-to-end network management for TDM, Carrier Ethernet, hybrid, and IP/MPLS microwave networks. They support Aviat’s complete product portfolio, key partner products, and many third-party SNMP-based platforms.


Voice of the Customer

Our Credentials

Our legacy of innovation in microwave networking give our customers confidence in our solutions. We have pioneered some of the most fundamental breakthroughs in modern digital microwave systems: split-mount architectures, nodal networking, hybrid TDM+Ethernet, integrated IP/MPLS, ultra-high-power RF performance, and single box Multi-Band. And the list continues to grow.

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