Our ultra-high capacity split mount microwave radio

The Aviat ODU 600 is a next generation, universal outdoor unit (ODU) for split-mount applications, incorporating latest ASIC technology to combine ultra-small size and weight with low power consumption, and smooth evolution to ultra-high capacity by supporting up to 4096QAM and 110/112 MHz channel spacings.

ODU 600 is compatible with Aviat Eclipse and CTR indoor platforms, including backwards compatibility with already deployed hardware and software to facilitate easy introduction to existing networks.

ODU 600 is a high capacity ODU that meets the capacity demands of the future in a compact footprint.

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ODU 600 benefits

  • Smaller antennas: in most cases, and particularly at higher modulations where it is needed, ODU 600 now supports higher Tx output power for lowest cost deployments;
  • Future-proof: ODU 600 is now ready to support modulations up to 4096QAM, and extra-wide channels up to 112MHz, for a total throughput over 1 Gbps in a single unit;
  • Smaller, lighter, and easier to handle: 70% smaller (by volume) and more than 50% lighter than the previous ODU600 version;
  • Greater flexibility, simplified management: 70% reduction in number of product variants through enhanced tuning range, for simplified sparing and lower shipping and installation costs; and
  • Backwards compatible: the latest ODU 600 is fully backward compatible with all deployed Eclipse and CTR indoor units (minimum version of software required), can be fitted to existing ODU 600 antennas (with adapter kit), and is over the air interoperable with the previous version of ODU 600.

Breakthrough transmit power performance for mission critical networks

Aviat’s radios are the highest power radios in the industry with up to 5x more transmit power than previously available solutions.

More on our high power radios advanced technology

Aviat ODU 600 ANSI Data sheet: Aviat ODU 600 ANSI


What customers and analysts are saying

Chris Negron

Director, Wireless Infrastructure, Southern Light

As you know, we deployed your Eclipse IRU 600 series radios last year... they are two of the best performing hops in our network.

Rob Reish

Communication Manager, ODOT/OSP Wireless Section

Oregon has been a customer of Aviat's for well over 20 years. The reliability of the Aviat equipment has been phenomenal, and the installation and maintenance support from Aviat has always exceeded our expectations. We expect no less as we implement our new microwave network. Aviat's people consistently show that reliability and customer satisfaction are their primary goals.

Richard Webb

Senior Directing Analyst, Infonetics

According to our research, for two years in a row, reliability is the No. 1 customer criteria for choosing a microwave vendor. High transmit power means more reliable microwave links; it is perhaps the most critical factor in enabling higher microwave network uptime. With this product, Aviat leads the industry in transmit power.

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