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The digital revolution has ushered in the digital utility

With this paradigm shift has come a raft of challenges for the industry. The old way of doing business is now memory.


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The Future of Utility Networks

Redefining Utility Infrastructure

Utilities are in the midst of rapid change. There is increased demand for advanced technology, the pressure to deliver on Smart Cities, serving a mobile workforce, plus the drive for renewable energy sources and sustainability. Additionally, as first responders, a utilities organization – operational, administrative, crews, fleets – must be connected 24/7. At the heart of supporting all these requirements is network modernization and, at the forefront, transitioning legacy systems to IP/MPLS strategically and cost-effectively.

Aviat: Powering Next-Gen Connectivity

To ease network migration and deliver the always-on performance required by our utilities customers, Aviat wireless transport systems ultra-reliable, high-speed, low-latency, power-efficient, high-density wireless connectivity. If you are deploying a Private 5G network today, connecting to a public 5G network, or modernizing your network for the future, our goal is optimize your network for peak performance, while minimizing your year-over-year costs.


Resilient Routers for Utility Networks

This paper outlines the features, hardware, and software capabilities of the CTR 8700 and how they can be applied to build a resilient IP/MPLS transport network for utilities applications and services in Electric, Water or Gas companies. The key MPLS features, and protocols are explained along with their applications in utilities transport networks. Configuration examples are outlined to show how the CTR 8700 can be integrated with external transport network links such as microwave, fiber, or leased circuits. Network Management features are also listed including the ProVision Plus Element and Service Management system that simplifies the monitoring, diagnostics, and provisioning of the IP/MPLS network.

We know your struggle

Your legacy TDM assets need to be carefully and efficiently migrated to IP. Distributed energy and substation automation in the Smart Grid era require you to provide more secure monitoring and control. Grid security requires protection from cyber threats to protect grid performance and assets. Your 6 GHz spectrum may be under threat from Wi-Fi6e.

As the need for network modernization puts increased pressure on your budget, reevaluating your infrastructure has become an imperative.

What are your challenges?

  • Backhaul capacity
  • Smart Grid / Safe Cities
  • 5G
  • Legacy applications support
  • Link reliability
  • Monitoring and control
  • New applications support
  • Network security
  • Capital equipment costs
  • Network management
  • Operating expenses

We Have a Powerful solution

Aviat wireless transport systems are purpose-built for environments that demand the highest levels of resilience, performance, and scalability. Our solutions ease migration from TDM to IP, enable IP/MPLS, mitigate interference, and provide multi-gigabit speeds, high capacity, and low latency to enable seamless and secure connectivity.

We are the US-based leader in designing and supporting mission-critical networks. We minimize the risk, complexity, and cost of wireless transport.

Powerful. Comprehensive. Flexible.

  • Multi-gigabit, software scalable performance to 10 Gbps and above
  • Lowest latency for critical services and applications
  • Integrated networking, IP/MPLS, and SDN
  • Extreme frequency efficiency
  • Double link capacity in a single transceiver
  • Higher transmit power, better receiver sensitivity
  • Seamless channel and bandwidth aggregation
  • Integrated routers for single converged transport network infrastructure
  • Hosted software applications to optimize network management


Aviat wireless transport systems reduce the complexity of deploying and managing your backhaul network, enable advanced services, and ease network migration and upgrades. However, the benefits we provide our customers extends beyond our product portfolio to include the business benefits that we make possible.


Lower TCO with solutions optimized to minimize OPEX

including spectrum fees, tower lease costs, power consumption, and maintenance.


Automation & optimization — your network runs better

with less downtime, and fewer maintenance interventions.


Simplified ordering, capacity upgrades, and logistics

with online ordering and minimized inventory needs.


Expert services, with world class support engineers

to look after your every need – from the simplest question to the most complex issues.


Health Assurance Software

Utilities network operators are always seeking to improve network performance and reliability, but real-time monitoring and management of a microwave network is challenging and labor-intensive. We designed our Health Assurance Software (HAS) to solve those issues.

It’s a cloud-based software tool that continuously analyzes a network and automatically identifies potential problems before traffic impacts occur. By doing so, HAS ensures the highest possible level of network performance and reliability, while reducing operational resource requirements and lowering total cost of ownership.

Why choose us?

We don’t stand still when it comes to driving innovation in wireless transport technology. Our technology will help you transform your backhaul network by optimizing its performance, simplifying its management, and lowering its costs. We developed:

The highest power digital microwave radio ever built

The industry’s only single box multi-band radio

The industry’s first integrated IP/MPLS router

The first cloud-based assurance platform


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