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Technology is solving today’s transportation challenges

The transportation industry turns to technology to modernize and streamline

New technologies that automate and improve safety, security, and operations in the transportation industry are pushing legacy networks beyond their capabilities, creating new challenges and bottlenecks. Government and private enterprises in the transportation sector are looking to modernize and make rapid changes by using a single unified solution to improve safety, security, and efficiency.

Aviat combines the industry’s number one 5G capable microwave transport systems with industrial grade Private LTE and Virtual Fiber platforms for transportation networks that need to support mission critical communications, operations, and data. Our transportation solutions enable high capacity, powerful network security, reliability, and low total cost of ownership (TCO). Aviat has built a reputation over the past seven decades as the leader in providing reliable solutions that support complex critical infrastructure applications.

Aviat Private LTE solutions address the challenges of modernizing transportation communications networks


The legacy equipment in transportation networks like railroads, ports, and government entities cannot easily support advancements in current and future technology. Connected transportation systems continue to grow rapidly and become increasingly complex. There is a need to quickly modernize and make changes to ensure on-time and consistent delivery of people, products, and services. In addition, having the ability to react quickly and decisively to threats and disasters is critical. To do all of this, transportation companies need to update their communication systems and replace legacy and multiple radio networks with a single and unified solution.

Aviat’s mission is to lower TCO for microwave transport and private LTE networks that transportation technology relies on


Aviat offers a unified solution that is high capacity, low latency, and enables seamless and secure connectivity for the transportation industry. Our platforms deliver in environments that demand high levels of resilience, performance, and scalability while maintaining an affordability that our competitors cannot match.


Aviat’s unified product portfolio of 5G microwave backhauls, Private LTE, and Virtual fiber reduces the complexity of deploying and managing your transportation network, enables advanced services, and ease network migration and upgrades. However, the benefits we provide our customers with extend beyond our product portfolio to include the business benefits that we make possible.

Lower TCO with solutions customized for the smallest transportation network…

including core licensing, deployment costs, power consumption, and maintenance. 

Automation & optimization — your network runs better…

with less downtime, and fewer maintenance interventions.

Simplified ordering, capacity upgrades, and logistics…

with online ordering and minimized inventory needs.

Expert services, with world class support engineers …

to look after your every need – from the simplest question to the most complex issues.

Product Spotlight

Aviat Private LTE

Aviat Complete Private LTE Solution for Demanding applicationsAviat Network’s industrial grade private LTE platform, when paired with Aviat’s wireless transport, is the most affordable and reliable LTE solution for the transportation industry’s most unique challenges. It is the only private LTE solution that simplifies LTE by combining a compact all-outdoor architecture with a high system gain microwave backhaul and a small, scalable EPC core, and ruggedized hardware, significantly reducing the cost of ownership. The reduced footprint paired with lower costs enables operators to break new ground and provide broadband access where and when it is needed.

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Our History in Innovation = Your Advantage

We don’t stand still when it comes to driving innovation with our wireless technology. Our technology will help you transform your transportation network by optimizing its performance, simplifying its management, and lowering its costs. We developed:

Software scalable platforms.

Ruggedized wireless access radios.

The highest-powered radios on the market.

The first cloud-based assurance platform.

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