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Rapid response is the new normal

Unforeseen events have led to major changes in how agencies work, creating even more dependence on the networks supporting them.

Public safety agencies were challenged as never before during the pandemic. Along with the increasing amount of mission-critical traffic to support public health and other emergency responses, agency networks are transitioning to IP/MPLS to support a growing range of applications and services. As 5G rolls out, agency networks will need to support even greater bandwidth demands with higher network capacity, speed, and reliability.

Aviat is your trusted partner with a rich history supporting mission-critical public safety networks. Our wireless backhaul systems enable high capacity, robust network security, reliability, and low total cost of ownership (TCO). As we have demonstrated over the past seven decades, Aviat will continue to provide best-of-breed solutions for complex critical infrastructure applications.

Public safety critical communication challenges


Public Safety networks are going through massive transformations to support new applications and growth. You may be managing the transition from TDM to IP/MPLS. You may need to share a common infrastructure for inter- and intra-agency first responder traffic.

You may be experimenting with bandwidth-intensive applications such as drones and HD mobile video, requiring increased network capacity and ultra-reliable connectivity to deliver real-time information. Your network needs to scale as demands on performance and capacity increase.

Public safety solutions for mission critical communications


Aviat wireless transport systems are purpose-built for environments that demand high levels of resilience, performance, and scalability. Our solutions provide multi-gigabit speeds, high capacity, and low latency to enable seamless and secure connectivity.

We are the US-based leader in designing and supporting mission-critical public safety backbone networks, and we provide engineering, installation, support, and services as agencies require. Most importantly, we minimize the risk, complexity, and cost of wireless transport.


Aviat wireless transport systems reduce the complexity of deploying and managing your backhaul network, enable advanced services, and ease network migration and upgrades. However, the benefits we provide our customers extends beyond our product portfolio to include the business benefits that we make possible.

Lower TCO with solutions optimized to minimize OPEX…

including spectrum fees, tower lease costs, power consumption, and maintenance.

Automation & optimization — your network runs better…

with less downtime, and fewer maintenance interventions.

Simplified ordering, capacity upgrades, and logistics…

with online ordering and minimized inventory needs.

Expert services, with world class support engineers …

to look after your every need – from the simplest question to the most complex issues.

Product Spotlight

CTR 8740 High Availability Transport Router

CTR 8740 High Availability Transport Router for public safety networks

Network outages are not an option for mission-critical networks. Downtime can lead to severe consequences – loss of productivity, loss of revenue, even loss of life. Our CTR 8740 transport router provides High Availability at fiber and wireless sites with lowest TCO. It ensures no single point of failure and eliminates traffic disruptions. Aviat is now one of only a few router vendors to support High Availability software, with a targeted feature set specifically designed for mission critical networks.

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Our History in Innovation = Your Advantage

We don’t stand still when it comes to driving innovation in wireless transport technology. Our technology will help you transform your backhaul network by optimizing its performance, simplifying its management, and lowering its costs. We developed:

The highest power digital microwave radio ever built.

The industry’s only single box multi-band radio.

The industry’s first integrated IP/MPLS router.

The first cloud-based assurance platform.

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