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With rising global demand, highly volatile prices, and environmental regulations, oil and gas providers are facing a tough set of challenges.

World events, cybersecurity threats, and network performance issues are high risks for oil and gas companies. All can adversely impact refinery operations and company profitability, and directly affect global petroleum markets and prices at the gas pump. Your network is critical infrastructure and, as such, must be highly available and reliable to connect and protect your entire workforce and devices in the field. Moving forward, it will be important for your network to support 5G technology, as it will provide ultra-high speed and low latency communication between drilling sites, vessels, and offshore platforms.

In the most demanding environments, Aviat systems deliver multi-gigabit performance, high capacity, and ultra-low latency while minimizing risk and lowering costs. We have designed our extensive portfolio of microwave radio systems, transport routers, and software to support your requirements today and tomorrow. They are scalable and 5G-ready to support massive network capacity and increased availability. Whether you are deploying 5G today or modernizing your network to prepare for the 5G future, our goal is optimize your networks for peak performance, while minimizing your year-over-year costs.

Oil and gas critical communication challenges


From protecting your company against cyber threats to seamlessly connecting people and devices on- and off-shore, your network infrastructure is your lifeline for employee safety and continuous day-to-day operations. New mission-critical applications for protecting and leveraging data assets are proliferating and are bandwidth intensive. You need cost-effective technologies to support legacy and new application requirements while minimizing disruption and controlling costs, and without compromising network performance and reliability.

Oil and gas critical communication solutions


Aviat offers a portfolio of wireless backhaul systems that enable a scalable migration of your legacy network assets to IP/MPLS, while protecting your workforce and supporting your most demanding applications. Our microwave radios, transport routers, and software provide multi-gigabit speeds, high capacity, and low latency to enable seamless and secure connectivity for offshore and over-water communications, real-time video surveillance and voice services, digital meter aggregation backhaul, and more.


Aviat wireless transport systems reduce the complexity of deploying and managing your backhaul network, enable advanced services, and ease network migration and upgrades. However, the benefits we provide our customers extends beyond our product portfolio to include the business benefits that we make possible.

Lower TCO with solutions optimized to minimize OPEX…

including spectrum fees, tower lease costs, power consumption, and maintenance.

Automation & optimization — your network runs better…

with less downtime, and fewer maintenance interventions.

Simplified ordering, capacity upgrades, and logistics…

with online ordering and minimized inventory needs.

Expert services, with world class support engineers …

to look after your every need – from the simplest question to the most complex issues.

Product Spotlight

Aviat Private LTE

Aviat Complete Private LTE Solution for mining operationsAviat Network’s industrial grade private LTE platform, when paired with Aviat’s wireless transport, is the most affordable and reliable LTE solution for mining’s most hazardous environments. It is the only private LTE solution that simplifies LTE by combining a compact all-outdoor architecture with a high system gain microwave backhaul and a small, scalable EPC core, and explosion proof hardware, significantly reducing the cost of ownership. The reduced footprint paired with lower costs enables operators to break new ground and provide broadband access in the harshest environments in the world.

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Our History in Innovation = Your Advantage

We don’t stand still when it comes to driving innovation in wireless transport technology. Our technology will help you transform your backhaul network by optimizing its performance, simplifying its management, and lowering its costs. We developed:

The highest power digital microwave radio ever built.

The industry’s only single box multi-band radio.

The industry’s first integrated IP/MPLS router.

The first cloud-based assurance platform.

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