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It’s difficult to predict the future,

but for mobile operators, network modernization is an imperative to drive higher growth, control costs, and capitalize on new opportunities.


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WTM 4000 5G Transport Radio


Embracing the 5G Revolution

Enhancing Networks for a Connected Future

5G is enabling a new kind of network designed to connect virtually everyone and everything. It will marshal in new subscriber experiences such as VR and AR; new services like remote control of critical infrastructure and vehicles; new seamless connectivity of an immense number of embedded sensors in virtually everything – the Internet of Things. In modernizing your network to support this incoming wave, you are focusing on speed, capacity, and reliability.

Aviat’s new wireless solutions

Our carrier-class wireless transport systems are 5G-ready, delivering higher multi-Gbps data speeds, ultra-low latency, greater reliability, massive network capacity, and increased availability. Whether you are deploying 5G today or modernizing your network to prepare for the 5G future, our goal is optimizing your networks for peak performance.

We know your struggle

Your network is the heart of your business, and the challenges to support 5G and network modernization are ahead. The key is to be prepared for the huge additional demands that they will place on your transport network as you tackle any number of objectives. You will need to evaluate the most realistic ways to add capacity and capability, while ensuring your transport infrastructure is more flexible than ever before with a lower cost to operate.

What are your challenges?

  • Expansion or densification, or both
  • 5G support
  • Increasing capacity
  • Supporting new services
  • Replacing aging equipment
  • Deploying IP/MPLS to the edge
  • Improving reliability and operational efficiency
  • Upgrading with little disruption/cost

We Have a Powerful solution

Whether you are currently rolling out 5G or modernizing your network to be 5G-ready, Aviat solutions will optimize your transport network for peak performance with a minimum of disruption and cost. To support network modernization and the move to 5G, we offer a broad portfolio of wireless routers, hosted software, and high power, high capacity radios that deliver the scalable capacity, high speed, and reliability once thought possible only with fiber.

Powerful. Comprehensive. Flexible.

  • Multi-gigabit, software scalable performance to 10 Gbps and above
  • Lowest latency for critical services and applications
  • Integrated networking, IP/MPLS, and SDN
  • Extreme frequency efficiency
  • Double link capacity in a single transceiver
  • Higher transmit power, better receiver sensitivity
  • Seamless channel and bandwidth aggregation
  • Integrated routers for single converged transport network infrastructure
  • Hosted software applications to optimize network management


Aviat wireless transport systems reduce the complexity of deploying and managing your backhaul network, enable advanced services, and ease network migration and upgrades. However, the benefits we provide our customers extends beyond our product portfolio to include the business benefits that we make possible.


Lower TCO with solutions optimized to minimize OPEX

including spectrum fees, tower lease costs, power consumption, and maintenance.


Automation & optimization — your network runs better

with less downtime, and fewer maintenance interventions.


Simplified ordering, capacity upgrades, and logistics

with online ordering and minimized inventory needs.


Expert services, with world class support engineers

to look after your every need – from the simplest question to the most complex issues.

WTM 4000 Product Platform

Aviat’s WTM 4000 Platform of microwave radio systems is 5G-ready, with ultra-high capacity to protect your network from the looming traffic growth. It will minimize your overall operational costs and resources, support new applications, and enable quick rollout of new services.

Why choose us?

We don’t stand still when it comes to driving innovation in wireless transport technology. Our technology will help you transform your backhaul network by optimizing its performance, simplifying its management, and lowering its costs. We developed:

The highest power digital microwave radio ever built

The industry’s only single box multi-band radio

The industry’s first integrated IP/MPLS router

The first cloud-based assurance platform


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