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At Aviat, we know exactly what it takes to successfully deploy a microwave network. It starts with accurate link path planning. Now, instead of using expensive, fee-based path planning tools or limited vendor-specific tools to design your radio links, there’s Aviat Design.

You can plan links from ANY vendor, easily share designs with your team, and then choose the ideal radios for every path. Aviat Design is currently free to use, and offers the accuracy and extensive capabilities of costly subscription tools with the accessibility and ease-of-use of simple online calculators.

It’s intelligently engineered

There’s enough complexity in wireless networking without adding more, so Aviat Design supports all point-to -point link types and configurations: microwave, millimeter-wave, multi-band, non-protected, hot-standby, space and frequency diversity, third-party protection, and 4×4 LOS MIMO.

It’s feature-rich

When we created Aviat Design, we did not make any trade-offs. We included a broad feature set including project organization, multiple map and link calculation options, frequency planning, and features like Multiband, MIMO, A2C, and FCC download not available in other tools, plus more.

It’s vendor-agnostic

With Aviat Design, we took a different approach than others who offer link planning tools only for their specific radios. Whether you have chosen to deploy Aviat radios in your network or those from Nokia, Ceragon, SIAE or others, you can use Aviat Design to plan the paths!

It’s collaborative

Because Aviat Design is cloud-based – no more downloads! –, it runs on any operating system or platform, and is accessible anywhere, anytime. Your staff can invite others to view their projects, provide feedback, and plan network expansions and upgrades faster.

Microwave Link Design – it’s not just line-of-sight.

Network operators new to wireless solutions often ask, “What is the range of your radio?” The only appropriate answer is: “It depends.” That’s because microwave link distance is only one of several factors that must be optimized simultaneously in a microwave radio deployment. And rarely is a link designed for distance only at the expense of all other link performance criteria – such as availability. That’s why a sophisticated link planning tool, such as Aviat Design, is critical to ensure that every link is well designed to meet its specific requirements.

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