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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

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Network operators are always seeking to improve network performance and reliability, but real-time monitoring and management of a microwave network is challenging and labor-intensive. Aviat’s Health Assurance Software (HAS) is a critical cloud-based software tool that simplifies the complexity of link management and troubleshooting, greatly improves microwave network reliability and performance, and lowers OPEX.

It’s smart

HAS predictive analytics deliver significant, quantifiable benefits. HAS improves link performance by diagnosing 95% of issues before they impact your network health. It can achieve a 5x reduction in link downtime and cut your operating costs by an average of 30%, eliminating the need for multiple tools and the expertise to support them.

It’s easy-to-use

Its geo-based interface and intelligent algorithms highlight critical issues, and pinpoint root causes. Because it’s highly visual – unlike legacy alarm systems – HAS is a powerful map-based tool making problems easy to spot. With minimum training and expertise, users can manage and operate any microwave network. You don’t need a microwave engineer.

It’s pre-emptive

The expression “forewarned is forearmed” is certainly apropos when it comes to network outages. That’s the advantage of HAS to network managers. HAS diagnoses 95% of issues before your network is affected. The result is less unforeseen downtime, lower costs, and fewer user complaints – benefits that are too good to pass up.

It’s economical

There’s always pressure on network managers to deliver a higher level of service at lower cost. With network capacity demands increasing daily, and equipment and labor costs rising, saving money seems impossible. Except with HAS. Deploying HAS decreases operating costs an average of 30% – and that’s good news for your budget.

HAS is a Hosted Private Cloud Service

HAS is offered as a hosted private cloud service at, Aviat’s customer portal to access services and tools in a secure environment, freeing network operators from the costs and complexity of buying servers, and updating and maintaining software.

HAS is also available as a full Managed Service from Aviat’s own USA-based Network Operations Center (NOC).

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