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Interference ultimately affects network performance, quality, and large data losses. These results are unacceptable, often putting the lives of first responders in jeopardy and leading to substantial operational costs for network operators.

Aviat’s Frequency Assurance Software is a cloud-based application custom built to monitor and detect interference, perform trend analysis of the network over time to track any increase of interference, and isolate problem links often before noticeable impacts occur. FAS incorporates Aviat’s popular paperless chart recorder (PCR) application to simplify root cause analysis and isolate and analyze interference events with a single click of the mouse.

It’s feature-rich

FAS baselines your network, offers ongoing fine tuning and protection, and isolates problem links. Its built-in spectrum analyzer checks for potential interfering signals and measures the level of interference across the desired frequency range. It also collects relevant information to identify and report on trends for remediation with regulators.

It’s proactive

It’s a dangerous game to hope that you can reestablish connectivity quickly should a link go down. FAS is a comprehensive solution designed to protect your links from spectrum poachers and other interference causes. It detects interference issues before they become real problems, preventing outages and performance degradation.

It’s a “must have” for 6 GHz

With the threat of interference from Wi-Fi6e, FAS offers sophisticated, well tested monitoring and analysis of unlicensed 6 GHz—and can trigger corrective action to protect link stability. FAS is in response to the FCC rules opening up the 6 GHz band to unlicensed users. It’s a comprehensive solution designed to protect customers from pending RLAN deployments in the 6 GHz band.

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It’s turnkey

Hosted FAS provides network managers with a self-service portal to view interference events and trends. It will also deliver analysis from Aviat engineers on interference issues. For more complicated interference issues, Aviat is ready to offer field investigation services for both continuous & intermittent interference issues.

Interference – a Global Concern

While protecting the 6 GHz band is of critical importance, it is not the only band or application affected by interference. FAS is designed to work on all bands from 6 GHz – 80 GHz and any Aviat radio, including IRU 600, ODU 600, WTM 4000, and WTM 4800 with or without Eclipse or CTR 8000.

Beyond 6 GHz, interference monitoring is important in countries with lax regulatory enforcement and where unprofessional actors might use spectrum in an unauthorized way. In lightly licensed environments like 80 GHz, or in regions where spectrum is expensive, interference monitoring helps operators protect their costly spectrum assets.

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