Simplifying the complexity of network management

Aviat’s suite of hosted software offerings offload the onsite headaches of on premise applications including troubleshooting, managing updates, and renewing licenses. Our hosted software runs on our cloud servers, so you and your team can access the applications from anywhere, collaborate, and share information in real-time.

Your data is backed up automatically, minimizing the risk of relying on hard drives for storage or backup. You’ll save time, as you can quickly make changes to your data configuration, add storage, and produce reports with the touch of a button. You’ll also save on the cost of on premise software including servers, storage, backup, and maintenance.

Aviat Design

Plan links without breaking a sweat

All-Outdoor (AOD) Radios

Now you can plan links in the Cloud from any vendor – FREE. Aviat Design provides the accuracy and capabilities of expensive subscription-based tools with the accessibility and ease-of-use of simple online calculators.


Frequency Assurance (FAS)

Diagnose interference with a click-of-a mouse

All-Outdoor (AOD) Radios

How would you like to isolate and analyze an interference event easily to prevent an outage before it turns into a major issue? FAS enables you to isolate problem links, determine what’s causing the interference, and take steps to solve the problem.


Health Assurance (HAS)

Manage microwave links – no RF experience required

All-Outdoor (AOD) Radios

A healthy network is a happy network. Users experience the high performance 24/7 access they demand. HAS enables you to monitor your links in real-time and troubleshoot issues. No microwave engineering expertise required!


Why Hosted Software?

When you choose the hosted software model, you’re choosing anywhere, anytime access. You and your staff have the ability to access your network from anywhere and at anytime to connect, collaborate, and share information in real-time. Your risk is less, because changes can be made quickly, upgrades uploaded immediately, and service restored directly if that becomes necessary. The hosting model also frees you and your staff from spending time evaluating and procuring new equipment and eliminates onetime costs.

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