Health Assurance Software

Network operators are always seeking to improve network performance and reliability, but real-time monitoring and management of a microwave network is challenging and labor-intensive.

Aviat’s Health Assurance Software (HAS) is a critical cloud-based software tool that simplifies the complexity of link management and troubleshooting, greatly improves microwave network reliability and performance, and lowers OPEX.

Operators Face Serious Network Monitoring Issues

Lack of visibility

Unknown/invisible issues degrade path performance

e.g. weather, fading, multipath, mechanical

Fewer RF skills & resources

Unable to address and solve complex issues

Overly complex solutions

Available solutions only accessible by experts


Networks are subject to frequent outages/downtime

Poor network performance and reduced reliability result in a poorer level of
customer service, higher churn, and increased costs.

HAS is the Solution

It’s easy-to-understand.

Its geo-based interface and intelligent algorithms highlight critical issues, and pinpoint root causes.

It’s extremely intuitive.

With minimum training and expertise, users can manage and operate any microwave network.

It’s highly visual.

Unlike legacy alarm systems, HAS is a powerful map-based tool making problems easy to spot.

HAS Features and Benefits

Graphical network overview

Interactive geographic map with link status indicators

Key KPIs

Availability, utilization, congestion and propagation anomalies

Focused lists of problem links

Prioritization of link issues based on severity

Tools for rapid troubleshooting

Specialized tools to identify and address troublespots

HAS Architecture

We have designed HAS from the ground up to remove complexity from microwave network management.

  • Web-browser based
  • Advanced interactive Geographical Map
  • Smart panel overlays on map view
  • Graphical KPI filtering on map view
  • Focused lists of underperforming links
  • Network Navigator troubleshooting tool
  • Secure, reliable user access management—role-based access control; secure device access; audit logging, reporting, and client session management
  • Third-party product support through integration with Aviat ProVision GDS packages
  • Downloadable on customer servers, or supplied as software as a service (SaaS)
Baselining is critical to accurate detection of network issues

HAS is a Hosted Private Cloud Service

HAS is offered as a hosted private cloud service at, Aviat’s customer portal to access services and tools in a secure environment, freeing network operators from the costs and complexity of buying servers, and updating and maintaining software.

HAS is also available as a full Managed Service from Aviat’s own USA-based Network Operations Center (NOC).

What our customers are saying about HAS:

“It’s incredible how Aviat could put so much info into such a simple design.”
“Managing our microwave network is such a pain – HAS will make it a pleasure.”
“Now non-engineers can actually manage a microwave network.”
“We are tired of looking in the rearview mirror at our network – HAS solves that.”


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