The New Tower Loading Standard TIA-222 Rev-H

TIA 222 standard provides tower designers with the design criteria and analysis procedures to design telecommunication tower structures. Rev-H is the latest version in a standard with a long evolution. The TIA-222 tower standard is critical to the safety and maximum equipment loads that structures can support. Rev-H was finalized late in 2017 and will take effect in most jurisdictions within the next two years. This new revision has updated requirements in different areas that include: wind loading, seismic design, mount analysis, and installations and modifications. There are still many microwave links installed on towers built using older revisions of the standard. Modifying these towers to comply with the new revision of the standard can be expensive. When upgrading microwave links, the extra high power of the EHP guaranties that the highest capacity can be achieved using the same antenna without incurring in potential large expenses.