Simplify the Budgeting and Funding Process for your Public Safety Network with Aviat’s Microwave Upgrade Agreement (MUA)

While public safety networks have much in common, each agency experiences a unique set of challenges in two areas: financing periodic system-wide upgrades and keeping their networks running optimally over the life of the network. One challenge they all share is securing big-dollar funding to avoid obsolescence while continuing to provide advanced services to their operational and emergency agencies. Continue reading

The Benefits of a Subscription-Based Upgrade Agreement

It’s not uncommon for public safety agencies to make one-time purchases of microwave technology and then leave the network untouched for years.

Outdated networks can lack the capacity and functionality needed to meet the changing needs of stakeholders and customers. They’re more likely to experience issues as customer services evolve. Recurring updates also ensure continued interoperability with other evolving equipment in the network, further reducing failures.

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