March 14, 2019

Winning solutions for the Big Data “Space Race”

Winning solutions for the Big Data "Space Race"

By Brandon Sheffield, Automation Programmer/Analyst

In every school across America, children are taught to revere the era of the “Space Race” and its impact on the human footprint. Whether it was in the private or public sector, the world was electric with an insatiable desire to push the boundaries of technology and human capabilities. Today, the next “Space Race” is already afoot, down on the ground.


Not unlike the 1960s, the world once again grows hungry to leverage modern technology and push the capabilities of humankind, whether it is channeled through 5G networks, self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, cloud applications, healthcare, or public safety.  As we speak, thousands of companies across the globe are racing to install and deploy networks that are scalable, affordable, and capable to meet the emerging technologies of the 21st century.

“I’m not a Rocket Scientist”

We have all heard this phrase before. Why? Space is complicated…not unlike the world of Big Data. Elegant solutions to navigate the complex world of Data are rare and often inversely related to three components of success as aforementioned: Scalability, Affordability, and Capability. Some restrictions that are preventing this leap forward are old, outdated methods used by much of the radio industry. From a purchasing standpoint, many orders are still taken by hand and typically, with no clear sales representative to guide the ordering process, this culminates in long lead times and disorganization. To make matters worse, many of the channels are very unknowledgeable about their own product solutions and will markup every step along the way.

Aviat Store – Introducing Simplicity 

If the technologies that consume data are changing rapidly, as an industry, we must also. Our solution is Aviat Store.

Aviat Store is a revolutionary online platform in the microwave space that focuses on speed, customer service, and value. The Aviat Store allows you to generate self-service quotes and purchase the industry’s highest capacity microwave radios and all necessary accessories within minutes, often shipping the very next day! No paper forms to deal with or picking up the phone and trying to locate your sales representative, especially one that knows everything about radio networking solutions. By dealing directly with Aviat Networks online, we can offer more value at a lower price point than distributors while providing an unparalleled level of customer service through our LiveChat Store Experts and access to our Sales Engineers.

The Edge

We designed the Aviat Store entirely focused on providing the most capable microwave solutions, at an affordable price, and at the speed necessary to scale networks at a rate before seen. Let us be the ‘rocket fuel’ to propel your organization to the leading edge of technological advancement and capacity.

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