Dependable Products.

  • Highest power all-indoor radios and MPLS expertise.
  • Most flexible, 5G-ready all-outdoor radios.
  • Hybrid indoor system to support legacy TDM.
  • WiFi 6e protection.

Powerful Networks.

  • Scalable systems for future growth.
  • Greater network uptime and availability.
  • Integrated multi-band radios for ultra high-capacity (20 Gpps) links.

Trusted support.

  • Local support and services specialists.
  • 24×7 tech support, repairs & returns in Texas.
  • Lifecycle services when you need them.
  • Decades supporting mission-critical networks.
  • Accountability & dedication to our customers.

Quick Deployments

  • Local planning & deployment support.
  • Cloud-based design & management apps.
  • Online ordering of all-outdoor radios from Aviat Store – delivery in less than 2 weeks.

Which means

Lower your TCO.

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